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3 Exercises To Help You Succeed At Work

Want to get those creative juices flowing? Try these three simple tips from Barnet Bain, author of “The Book Of Doing And Being.”



Philadelphia Jobs Report: Survey Predicts Strong Job Growth This Summer

Jill Schlesinger reports in the aftermath of the recession, summer jobs have become more elusive. A survey predicts a strong overall job growth this summer with 78 percent saying they expect to hire the same […]


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Counselor, Teacher, Enriches The Lives Of Sacramento Learners

Emily Catlett is a school counselor at Luther Burbank High School – at least that’s one of the hats she wears. You could call Catlett a lifetime learner, passing down her acquired knowledge to everyone she encounters in her profession.


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Education Allows Sacramento Nurse Practitioner To Save Patients

Kim Newlin earned two master’s degrees to become a cardiovascular clinical nurse specialist and adult nurse practitioner. She opened a clinic offering after-care and prevention for heart failure patients and greatly improved their rate of re-admission.


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Fishing And Schooling Leads To Success In Sacramento IT Career

Now a staff programmer analyst for the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs, Travis Meadows spent most of his youth as a senior deckhand, working and supervising others, for his father’s fishing business in Alaska.


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Associate Professor Sees A Positive Future For Nurses In Sacramento

Dian Baker says that 80 percent of her research is grounded in STEM education, a significant fact given her recent participation in a groundbreaking study on how nurses can directly help limit incidents of hospital-acquired pneumonia.



Sacramento Jobs Report: Employment For Social Service Industry Projected To Grow

Jill Schlesinger reports the Bureau of Labor Statistics says employment for social and human service assistants is projected to grow by 22 percent.



Sacramento Job Market Report: Holiday Gifts For Job Hunters

Are you looking for the perfect gift for someone on a job hunt? Here are a few gift ideas that may be helpful. Jill Schlesinger reports.


how to land state job

What You Need To Know About Applying For California State Jobs

The state of California is now hiring, and hundreds of people are now applying for the coveted jobs, but there are still plenty of questions about the process of landing a state job. With the help of expert Michelle Allen, who’s held five different positions as a state worker, we’re getting answers.


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5 Office Changes That Increase Your Success At Work

Learn how to become more successful at work with these 5 simple tips from Thalma Lobel, author of “Sensation: The New Science of Physical Intelligence.”


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Tips To Get Your Website To The Top Of A Google Search

Increasing the digital presence of your business may be easier than you think. A strong digital presence can increase revenue, even for businesses that rely on walk-in traffic.


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Schwag: Top 5 Promotional Gift Ideas

If you are trying to get more recognition for your business, promotional items are an effective tool. But all schwag is not created equally.