World War II


Sacramento State Project Aims To Digitally Preserve Japanese Internment Camp Memories

120,000 Japanese-Americans were shipped away shortly after Japan attacked Pearl Harbor in December of 1941, launching the United States into World War II.


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Central Valley Veteran Gets Back Wallet He Lost In WWII

A World War II veteran has his lost wallet back after an Austrian doctor spotted the black square of cracked leather, still full of family photos, underneath wooden planks in a farmhouse his grandfather owned.


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70 Years After WWII, Japanese Firm Apologizes To US Vets

A major Japanese corporation has given an unprecedented apology to a 94-year-old U.S. POW for using American prisoners of war for forced labor during World War II.


The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco during its construction.   (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Los Banos Man, Likely Last Golden Gate Bridge Worker, Dies

A 98-year-old man who died Tuesday was likely the last living person who worked on the Golden Gate Bridge.


fight to stop artifact auction

Sacramento Families Of Internment Camp Survivors Demand Auction House Cancel Sale Of Art

Barbara Takei says many of those held against their will in camps produced beautiful works of art and paintings. But now many of those artifacts are in the hands of the Rago Auction House in New Jersey. It’s not revealing who the seller is.


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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Chicago

Many know Chicago is known as “the Windy City” and Wrigley Field is one of America’s oldest baseball stadiums, but there are a lot of other things about this great city that are not widely known.


wine dday

Bottle Of Wine Found During WWII Returned To Placerville Man 70 Years Later

Ray Haagen last held the bottle of French wine nearly 70 years ago. His signature is one of many from the U.S. Army’s 83rd Infantry Division who signed the bottle.


6th June 1944:  One of the first pictures of the D-Day landings in Normandy, showing US jeeps and men landing on the French coast.  (Photo by Keystone/Getty Images)

D-Day Ship’s US Flag Sells For $350K At Auction

A U.S. flag from one of the thousands of Allied ships that delivered troops to the Normandy beaches sold for $350,000 at a New York City auction of hundreds of D-Day and other World War II artifacts a day before the 70th anniversary of the history-changing invasion.


Water  main break

Final Fixes On Auburn Water Break Likely Won’t Start Until Spring

The Placer County Water Agency says the pipe burst at around 1 a.m. on High Street between Auburn Folsom Road and Pleasant Avenue.


Kennedy saving

Sacramento Man Recalls JFK’s Bravery In South Pacific WWII Rescue

A Sacramento man saw President John F. Kennedy’s bravery in the Navy after the rescue of the future commander-in-chief in the south Pacific during World War II.



World War II Veteran Reunites With Lost Family 60 Years After Wife Walked Out On Him

Harry Richmond served in the Navy during the war. He returned home and was stationed in Seattle with his wife and a 2-month-old son. He was enjoying the simple things in life when something changed.


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WWII Vet Who Provided Flag On Iwo Jima Has Died

A World War II veteran who provided the flag in the famous flag-raising on Iwo Jima has died. Alan Wood was 90.