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The Don Geronimo Show – July 10, 2012

Don begins the day with a new bath salt story: apparently a guy snorted bath salts and ate his own feces! The guys then talk about the Home Run Derby last night, and Don tells […]

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49er Fan, Johnny (credit: YouTube Screen Capture)

Heartbroken Young 49er Fan’s Video Goes Viral

Most San Franciscans took the news of the team’s loss to the New York Giants hard but reflected on an utterly successful season and an unexpected run to the NFC title game, but one young fan was in no mood for reflection after last Sunday’s loss.


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Audio: The Don Geronimo Show – August 10, 2011

Don begins by calling KNCI across the hall to ask them about Dave dropping off Club 50 bracelets for them, then tells us his 77 year old cousin Bill is one of Missouri’s most wanted […]

KHTK Sports 1140–08/10/2011


Teen Bullied & Beaten, Mother Outraged More Wasn’t Done To Protect Her

For a second time in one week a teenage girl says she was beaten. Are bullies taking over in one local school district?


‘Davis State Of Mind’ Video

Click here to check out the ‘Davis State of Mind’ video.


Governor Brown addresses the people of California over YouTube.

Governor Brown Checks In With Californians Over YouTube

Gov. Jerry Brown is “checking in” with the people of California over YouTube.



YouTube Partners With Universities To Launch New Media Program

YouTube is partnering with universities to launch a new media program series for aspiring digital filmmakers.


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Audio: The Don Geronimo Show – February 22, 2011

Today on The Don Geronimo Show, Don talks about “Here We Stay” the effort to keep the Kings in Sacrament, the debut of LaRoy’s New Segment: “Roy’s World Of Gay”, and former intern Lady G has a new YouTube Show!

KHTK Sports 1140–02/22/2011

Pilot Chris Liu during a press conference at Sacramento International Airport Tuesday (12/28).

Pilot Defends Posting Security Videos On YouTube

A pilot who posted YouTube videos criticizing security at San Francisco International Airport said Tuesday he is shocked at the national uproar they’ve created.



Viacom Appeals Ruling In YouTube Copyright Case

Viacom is appealing a court decision that YouTube obeyed copyright laws even though the Internet video site used to show thousands of pirated clips.


Are Digital Devices Brain Drains?

My kids’ Christmas lists are dominated by digital devices, or the apps and points for them. In fact, my older son wants either an Xbox or iPad for Christmas and nothing else. The bottom line […]