Yuba City California

Credit: Daniel Oberman

Human Skeletal Remains Found In Backyard Of Yuba City Home

On Monday evening police were called out to a home on Nadean Drive where a dog that was digging obsessively unearthed a pot containing what appeared to be human skeletal remains, including a human skull. There were also animal remains, doll fragments and other unusual objects.



Vandals Carve ‘We Want No Hindus At SBLL’ Into Sikh Little League Coach’s Truck

Sutter Buttes Little League coach and board member Suk Dulai discovered a messaged scratched into the side of his truck. “We want no Hindus at SBLL.”



Former Call Girl ‘Blown Away’ That District Attorney Considered Arson Suspect

Sutter County DA Carl Adams and several other men are the focus of a criminal investigation. Yuba City detectives say someone set fire to Garibay’s home on South Pointe Drive in July.



Yuba City Restaurant Owner Rips Drug Agents For Fruitless Lunchtime Raid

“Not only is it an absolute lie, I will be trying to look for a good slander attorney,” said Shari English, owner of the high-end Refuge Bar and Restaurant.