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Yuba City

teen deport

Yuba City Teen Faces Deportation After Selling Pot Brownies To Buy Prom Dress

Saira Munoz, 18 at the time, decided to put on a school bake sale. There was an extra ingredient in her brownies: marijuana. She hired a fellow student to sell her brownies.


Scene of the shooting early Friday morning. (Credit: CBS13)

Yuba City Police Kill Man In Shootout

Police say they were forced to shoot and kill a man who wouldn’t put down his weapon.


Credit: CBS13

Flesh-Eating Bacteria Kills Man Who Survived Brutal Home Invasion

He battled back from a paralyzing gunshot, but his family says a bacteria that was far more dangerous has claimed his life.


Horse mauling

Pit Bulls Suspected Of Mauling Yuba City Miniature Horse

Videos and photos are all Jennifer Bryan and her children have left of the miniature horse they found mauled and mutilated in his corral on Monday morning.


Don Nunez

Yuba City Gym Helping Get Professional Athletes Ready For Spring Training

As football wraps up for the season, baseball spring training is just around the corner. But for many local guys, they’ve already been preparing for months.


Alleged brutal boss

Yuba City Landscaper Accused Of Raping Two Employees

Two of his hires say Pascual Gonzalez raped them—one saying the attack came on her first day at work.


crow mess

Crows Bomb Yuba City Mall, Blurring Lines In Parking Lot

While people inside the mall are dropping cash on presents, crows outside the mall are dropping a gift nobody wants.


Carl Adams

Sutter County DA Will Resign Amid Arson Investigation

On Tuesday, Sutter County DA Carl Adams announced he’ll step down, just hours after his former lover accused police in an Associated Press article of overreaching when they counted him as a suspect in the fire investigation.


(credit: ThinkStock)

Woman Says District Attorney Innocent Of Arson

There are some people in Sarah Garibay’s life who might be angry enough to burn down her house; the self-described former paid escort admits to breaking many hearts across California’s prune country.


Max Stassi hit

Mom Says Yuba City Star Max Stassi Recovering After Taking Fastball To Head For Astros

The pitch that hit Stassi came with the bases loaded in Wednesday night’s game with the Astros down a run to the Texas Rangers. It counts as Stassi’s first major-league RBI.


tantra yoga

Yuba City Man Worries Yoga Group May Be Too Hot For Children

While the kids won’t practice these types of moves, Singh says their young minds are vulnerable, and this camps could encourage this behavior in the future.


Levee Work

Yuba City Levee Improvements Begin Nearly 60 Years After Fatal Flood

It was the middle of the night on Christmas Eve nearly 60 years ago when a part of the levee gave way. Water measuring two stories high and hundreds of feet wide barreling toward farms and homes.