Yuba City


Man Claims Gridley Cracker Company Failed To Pay For Broken Tooth

A Maine man has filed a federal lawsuit claiming that a cracker company failed to pay for his dental bill after he broke his tooth eating one of their crackers.


pilot penalized

Yuba City Crop Duster Suspended After Multiple Pesticide Law Violations

The California Department of Pesticide Regulation says there were so many violations against Mark Minkema that it suspended the pest control pilot’s license.


right place

Tree Removal Crew Stops Possible Fire, Helps Evacuate Mental-Health Facility

He thought of the patients on the other side of the wall and jumped into action, getting his three-man crew to help him evacuate the facility.



Elderly Yuba City Couple’s Historic Farmhouse Burns Down

At 80-years-old, Phil and Nancy Crowe are forced to think about their future in a whole new way after a fire burned down their historic farmhouse.



Yuba City Sonic To Reopen Next Week

A Yuba City Sonic Drive-In restaurant will reopen its doors next week after the location closed unexpectedly last year.


attacks on women

Yuba City Police Warn Women To Be On Guard After Attacks

According to the family of the first victim, the first attack took place here on this sidewalk. The victim would be pinned against her car, and tonight police are concerned this guy is not done.



Woman Hit, Killed On Highway 99 Near Yuba City

A woman was hit and killed along Highway 99 in south Yuba City early Tuesday morning.


water wasters

Yuba City Homeowner Fined $250 As City Cracks Down On Water Usage

The fine is the largest its city code allows. The city says the homeowner was repeatedly caught watering more than the required two days a week.


loan debt

Yuba City Workers Weighing Strike Options After City Council Imposes Contract

Workers at the water and sewage treatment plants, city hall and public works know how important their jobs are to Yuba City. They say they want to launch a public awareness campaign first before they strike.


dirty doctor

Medical Board Reprimands Yuba City Doctor For Contaminated Surfaces, Unlabeled Syringes

According to a complaint from the state medical board, he “failed to maintain an office with sufficient emphasis on cleaning and disinfection.” In one room, an investigator says “patients were seated around a blue tray … stained with spatters of fluid drops,” and a hazmat waste container was soiled with blood and dirt with no top.


File (Credit: CBS13)

3 Killed In Head-On Crash On Highway 113; DUI Suspect Arrested

Three men were killed Saturday in a fiery crash suspected to have been caused by a person driving under the influence.


possible strike

Possible Yuba City Employees’ Strike Could Cut Off Essential Services

Contract negotiations with the city have been going on for more than a year. For the past few years, city workers have accepted a 10 percent furlough. The city wants to get rid of that if employees pick up 8 percent of the payments to their retirement system.