Tale of the Tape: Luis Suarez’s Bite vs. Mike Tyson’s Bite

  • The Body Part
    Suarez bit the shoulder of Italian defender, Giorgio Chiellini during a World Cup match.
    Tyson bit off a piece of Evander Holyfield's ear during the heavyweight fight.
  • The Better Bite
    After Suarez sunk his front teeth into Chiellini's shoulder. There was nothing more than small indents and a red mark that appeared.
    Tyson bit both of Holyfield's ears but later in the fight took off a piece of his right ear.
  • The Consequence
    FIFA officially announced an investigation regarding Tuesday's bite. Suarez was suspended following biting incidents in 2010 & 2013.
    Tyson was disqualified from the fight against Holyfield in 1997. His boxing license was revoked by the Nevada State Athletic Commission and he was fined $3 million.
Mike Tyson wins the worst bite overall! Although Suarez's bite is a repeat offender, the fact Tyson bit off a a piece of a human body part during a sporting event makes him the bigger winner.