Tale of the Tape: Soccer Flopping vs Basketball Flopping

  • The Better Flopper
    Luis Suárez - He has mastered the no contact flop
    LeBron James - He has mastered flopping on and off the court
  • Fines for Flopping
    There are no fines for flopping during the World Cup.
    During the playoffs players are fined $5,000 for flopping. They are fined double for the second flopping violation.
  • Selling It
    Soccer players flopping: Flailing on the ground faking injuries and wasting everyones time.
    Basketball players flopping: Pretending they are getting fouled by an opponent and selling it with body language and an ugly facial expression.
Basketball is the KING of flopping. Although soccer flopping is more intense and wastes about five minutes of everyones lives every time it happens, flopping in the NBA occurs consistently every game. Athletes need to take more pride in their sport and just stop flopping all together.