Tale of the Tape: Tim Howard vs. Jonathan Quick

  • Recent Stats and Records
    2013-14 season Quick led the league in wins, saves and shutouts.
    Howard set a record with the most saves in any World Cup‬ match in history with 16.
  • Better Team
    The LA Kings won the Stanley Cup.
    After falling to Belgium on Tuesday, team USA won't get another chance to win a World Cup until 2018.
  • The Age Factor
    Quick is 28 years old, he also has wrist surgery scheduled for this off-season, unfortunately.
    Howard is 35 years old and is saving goals like it's 1999.
Tim Howard wins! Still wouldn't want to shoot against Jonathan Quick but I would rather avoid Howard who is on a goal-saving high after that record breaking match against Belgium. Quick is one hell of a goalie in the NHL but he is injured and I might be biased but Howard is representing America during this World Cup and he made this whole country proud.