DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At The Pyramid Building

June 18, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr sacramento11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Chris At The Pyramid Building

“This car is one of only 5,000 in the western hemisphere.”

The Ride
The Driver: Chris
Car in Question: 2004 Black Volkswagon Golf R32
Spotted at: The Pyramid Building, 707 3rd Street, West Sacramento, CA 95605
Odometer: 73,965
Car’s Nickname: The Black Pearl


Q: This car is a gem. How did you get yours?

A: Pure luck. I didn’t know that they were coming. I wanted a new car. I had a Volkswagen Jetta already. I wanted to trade it in. I went to the dealership and saw this. I looked at the GLI, too. I liked this. It was one of only like two left within 50 miles or something. It was near the end of the model year, so I got it in October–October 6, 2004 at 2 p.m.

Q: Impressive. Why did you decide to come to the Pyramid Building today?

A: It’s a very distinct building in Sacramento. You don’t see too many pyramids anymore. I figured it blends the old world with the new. Juxtaposes transition and change and other things that mean the same thing.

Q: That’s very profound. Since you’ve had this car, have you been on any good trips?

A: The last interesting place was New Mexico. I went there in May. Looked for a place to live. Saw some relatives. Ate some green chili.

Q: Why are you moving to New Mexico?

A: I’m tired of California. It’s too expensive.

Q: Can’t argue with you there. What is the craziest place you’ve ever driven to?

A: I guess depends on what kind of crazy. I would say the Lava Beds National Monument. We camped. I did sleep in the car that day, the first night because it was very cold and windy. I did not bring enough protection. And yeah, we camped and left. Took some pictures.

Q: How long did it take you to get there?

A: I believe six hours, maybe six and half. Long drive! It’s right up by the Oregon border.

Q: What are your favorite features on this ride?

A: The all-wheel drive is a good feature. The seats are very nice. They came that way from the factory. And the engine. I like that engine.

Photos and interview by Lisa Palmer

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