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Best Coffeehouses/Cafés To Get Your Work Done

May 25, 2011 4:19 PM

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Sometimes you need a place where you can take your laptop, homework or just a good book and be able to sip a fresh brewed cup of coffee and get down to business. Here is a list of the best places where you can do just that.

tupelo 1 Best Coffeehouses/Cafés To Get Your Work Done

(Credit: A. Sargis)

Tupelo Coffeehouse

5700 Elvas Street
Sacramento, CA.
(916) 454-3977

Tupelo is one of two Sacramento coffeehouses owned by Naked Coffee Roasting, the other being Naked Lounge. Tupelo Coffeehouse offers free wireless internet, and has plenty of outlets for laptop plug-in. The coffeehouse has a good work environment, which often attracts students from nearby Sacramento State.

temple 11 Best Coffeehouses/Cafés To Get Your Work Done

(Credit: A. Sargis)

Temple Coffee House

1014 10th Street
Sacramento, CA.
(916) 443-4960

Temple Coffee is known for it’s low key atmosphere, and great coffee. It doesn’t try to be something it’s not, and stands alone on just its tasty java. The mocha is a timeless choice, but Temple just does it better, making it with Mexican chocolate. The baristas a rigorously trained and highly knowledgeable in “bean-ology“. While you sip on your coffee masterpiece, you can enjoy some other masterpieces hanging on the walls, done by local artists.

Old Soul @ 40 Acres

3434 Broadway
Sacramento, CA.
(916) 453-8540

Old Soul is the kind of place you want to stop at for a quiet moment and some well brewed java. It has that cozy living room feel, with the modern technology of brewing coffee. Old Soul is also a great place to stop for lunch as they have a wide range of menu items, like the crowd favorite grilled cheese (this isn’t your mom’s grilled cheese!). You might even get a little star struck…former NBA player and Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson gets his caffeine fix at Old Soul.

Naked Lounge

1500 Q Street
Sacramento, CA.
(916) 442-0174

“I am hanging out at the Naked Lounge”. Not only does it make your friends say “what?” its fun to say. The Naked Lounge is a cool little place, with good coffee, great people watching, and well, let’s just say some interesting art on the walls. (They don’t call it the Naked Lounge for nothing ya know!) The chai latte is the best in town, and the selection of teas is enormous. Warning: if you sit in the chairs, be prepared to stay a while, those things smother you so you just can’t get up…so comfy!

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  • ChrisGo

    Anywhere people put their feet up on tables where food and drink is placed is not my first choice.

  • Debauchee69

    First, I HATE OFFICES and CUBES. I can only work in Coffee Shops—the ones where they play cool music and that it is played very low. Second, I am a gourmonde. I only imbibes the finest Bourbons, Cigars, Chocolates and Coffees. I sneer at people who come out of Starbucks drinking their FRU-FRU drinks. The reason McDonalds beat Starbucks in a double blind taste test is that Starbucks uses Vietnamese Robusto—the cheapest beans on the planet and they are bulk bought years in advance—but most people bury theirs in whipped goat milk or something so they can’t taste it. Still, this ain’t about taste, its about hideouts!!!

    1. Temple on 10th is a lousy place to to do serious ‘keyboarding’. There are no electrical outlets on the left side of the building so I hope your battery doesn’t need charging!!! Temple is t-h-e place to purchase rare single varietal coffees. The Ethopean Ygrchief Dopio Espresso is like liquid Meth—one sip and you are wired all day. They had one coffee that was bidded on across the nation that sold out in minutes!!! I like the Temple II near 25th Street much better (next to County Welfare)
    2. Naked Lounge on Q/15th street is too tiny a place to work or think. Besides which, it is populated with Yuppy UOP law students in the daytime and aged hippies at night AND their coffee sucks. If you need to do serious work, go to the other NAKED LOUNGE (the one near the Music Circus that is an office complex!!! Nice tables to work on, super quiet and well lighted. Cool Music. Go with their bottled leamonade or cokes; their coffee sucks.
    3. My favourite Hideout to work currently is the place near 19th Street in an alley next to a bike shop. God, I just forgot the name. I discovered it by accident having eaten a burrito at ChIpolti. They have long wooden tables to spread your work out on and virtually no body to bother you. Haven’t tried their coffee yet.
    4. OLD Soul used to be the Starbucks in Oak Park. You working there, you best not be packin’ light!!!
    5. My current hideout/office is the joynt near Gunther’s Ice Cream on Franklin BLVD. The inside is funky looking and their coffee is disgusting BUT they have a great cold Hummas in a cup and a terrific back garden /tables where you can work and smoke’em if you got em. The music selection is superb. Some people might freak at the sometimes gay clientle but it doesn’t bother me any because I’m there to work and not socialize!!! remember the old FireHouse on 19th? Best Mexican hot Chocolate and homemade Whipcream on the planet. That place was in your face gay and it didn’t bother me one bit (I did all my Army correspondence courses in there)!!!

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