Best Local Folk Singers In Sacramento

November 15, 2010 5:24 PM

Madeline Roa (credit:

The folk scene in Sacramento can be found at the oddest places: a solo singer-songwriter performing at a dinner theater; an acoustic band tearing it up at an outdoor festival; a vocal duo performing a benefit concert at a local park. They are not always easy to find online, but Sacramento’s folk singers are out there. Here are two standouts from the local scene.
kelliehoover Best Local Folk Singers In Sacramento

Kellie Hoover (credit:

Kellie Hoover

With song titles like “Just a Tin Man” and “Ooo La La,” you know Kellie Hoover is a folk singer with something interesting on her mind. She describes her music as a mix of folk and pop music elements, with vibrant acoustic guitar and piano. Fans describe her music as quirky, heartfelt, honest, uplifting, and downright fun. During concerts, like any good folkie, Kelly Hoover brings a warm, engaging, storytelling style to her performances. Her musical influences include Shawn Colvin, Sarah McLachlan, Eva Cassidy, Watermark, Pink Martini, and Indigo Girls. Hoover has been playing piano and writing stories since she was only six years old. Her background includes choral, classical, and jazz training. She established Gracelily Music Publishing and launched her first solo songwriting project in the fall of 2009. She also leads her band, Gracelily.

madelieroa Best Local Folk Singers In Sacramento

Madeline Roa (credit:

Madeline Roa

Madeline Roa’s voice has been described as powerful and rich. Mix that quality with her emotionally charged lyrics and catchy melodies and you are immediately a fan of this local folk singer. Her song topics range from love and societal issues to reflections on childhood fears. She cites her earliest influences as her older brothers’ funk and R&B music; Earth, Wind, & Fire; Funkadelic; Bootsy Collins; and Tower of Power. Other influences include The Beatles and Simon and Garfunkel. Roa bought an acoustic guitar in 2005 and was soon writing songs. She released her first album, “Reflection,” in 2005. She has since toured around California and Nevada, worked on side projects, and continues to record her music. A second album, titled “Dreaming,” has been completed. Madeline Roa plans to begin performing again around Northern California in support of her CD release.

Steve Hartsoe