Best Ways To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month In Sacramento

September 2, 2013 5:00 AM

Hispanic Heritage Month was initially recognized as a celebration of five Latin American countries’ independence. It has since been established as a month-long celebration that impacts the diversity of the Hispanic culture. The cultural heritage is saluted with a vast amount of celebrations which include events that exhibit, food, dance, art and historical facts about the Hispanic culture. Join Sacramento in celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month at the venues listed below.

Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
1491 River Park Drive, Suite 101
Sacramento, CA 95815
(916) 486-7700

The Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce works diligently to promote positive relationships in the Sacramento area between Latino businesses and the communities. Hispanic Heritage Month at the Sacramento Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is a primary benefit that impacts the many cultures in and around the Sacramento area, while sharing diversities about the Hispanic culture. Come and enjoy live music, dance performances and good food and learn about Hispanic Heritage Month. The chamber promotes diverse cultural experiences between all cultures and encourages positive economic growth.   

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Cascada de Flores

Cascada de Flores

Sacramento Public Library
828 I St.
Sacramento, CA 95814
(916) 264-2920

Sacramento Public Library celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month by presenting “Cascada de Flores,” a musical ensemble, Hispanic “folkloric music and dance” and the traditional sounds of Mexican music. You will enjoy the mixture of Mexican and Cuban traditional music while learning the historical facts about Hispanic culture that is beyond a whimsical event. The library’s website is the perfect place to check out the various highlighted events, exhibits, videos and much more about Hispanic Heritage Month.

elnov com Best Ways To Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month In Sacramento
El Novillero Restaurant
4216 Franklin Blvd.
Sacramento, CA
(916) 456-4287

Hispanic heritage celebrations must include authentic Mexican food. El Novillero Restaurant has been in the Sacramento area for many years, and is one of the finest eateries in town. This family-owned business is open for family gatherings and parties for all cultures to enjoy and celebrate. Click on the website, visit the menu and see the wide selection of food offered.

(credit: Getty Images)

(credit: Getty Images)

Mexican Cultural Center
P.O. Box 161899
Sacramento, CA 995816
(916) 446-3691

The Mexican Cultural Center is on a mission to educate the Sacramento communities about the Hispanic cultural lineage. This center focuses on a path that offers insight about the Mexican culture through music, galas and exhibits that emphasize artwork of popular Mexican artists. Its events include traditional and modern musical concerts. But it doesn’t stop there; you can volunteer or become an Amigo member, fostering an innovative approach toward an Hispanic legacy. Get involved with community programs which provide educational experiences for children and adults and offer scholarships that help students pursue a high education.

(credit: HECTOR GUERRERO/AFP/GettyImages)

(credit: HECTOR GUERRERO/AFP/GettyImages)

Mexican Heritage Center
111 S. Sutter St.
Stockton, CA 95202
(209) 932-0511

If you love the hype of cultural fun, events and pleasure, then Mexican Heritage Center is the place to go. Located just about 30-40 minutes outside of Sacramento, it will be worth the drive. The Center will offer a gallery of fun, music, dance and art while exhibiting traditional Mexican styles. Traditional jewelry, pottery and much more will be available for purchase, all while you learn about the Mexican culture. You are sure to celebrate Mexican heritage with a bang during your visit.

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