DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kevin At Scenic Drive

May 14, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr sacramento11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Kevin At Scenic Drive

“It’s maybe not my dream car, but it’s pretty close.”

The Ride
The Driver: Kevin
Car in Question: 2008 Toyota 4Runner Urban Runner Edition
Spotted at: Scenic Drive, Rocklin, CA 95765
Odometer: 50,000


Q: Hi Kevin. Great Toyota. I love the 4Runner. What can you tell us about yours?

A: It’s a 2008, Urban Runner edition. It’s basically the most elite package of 4Runner that you can buy. I bought this from a truly phenomenal dealership and an unbelievable salesperson named Brandon Gallawa at Auburn Toyota.

Q: That’s quite the endorsement. What was so positive about your purchasing experience?

A: It was life changing, you could say. I woke up in the morning of November 1st and the first person I spoke to was Brandon Gallawa. We spent mid to late morning together. All I can say is that he sold me on it. I walked up and my car was sitting right in front on the dealership floor.

Q: Did you know from the get-go that you wanted this one specifically?

A: When I walked up to the dealership, Brandon met me. I knew I was looking for something with more weather protection than my old Tacoma had. A 4Runner was ideal, but I wasn’t sure I was going to be able to financially work that out. Brandon made it happen!

Q: Why does a single guy like yourself need such a big vehicle?

A: A couple of reasons. I had a two-seater pickup for 10 years and it just got to be really annoying. The biggest usage for me is going up to Tahoe to go snowboarding. It’s four-wheel drive. Another one of the big reasons for the space is for my job. I produce fireworks displays all over the place, so putting all my gear in the truck.

Q: Is it comfortable?

A: It’s very comfortable. I rock out!

Photos and interview by Kimberly Brenneman

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