DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Linda At The Arcade Library

February 27, 2012 3:00 AM

dyr sacramento11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Linda At The Arcade Library

“It’s a five-speed on the floor, and I feel like I’m driving a little race car.”

The Ride
The Driver: Linda
Car in Question: 2011 Honda Fit Sport
Spotted at: Arcade Library, 2443 Marconi Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95821
Odometer: 6,000
Nickname: Eleanor


Q: Hi Linda! Thank you for participating in Defend Your Ride Sacramento. I love Honda. Why did you buy one? Do you like the Fit?

A: I commute to Napa, back and forth to help my mom. I chose a Fit for a couple of reasons. First, because I have been driving to Napa three to four times a month to help my mother and I wanted to get good gas mileage. The second reason I got my car is because my spinning wheel can stand up in the car and fits very nicely.  I’ve even had two spinning wheels in the car, my castle wheel and a traditional spinning wheel.  Plus, I could carry my wheel and my table loom with no problem, if I want to.

Q: Yes, you do live in the university town of Davis with plenty of bikes and bike lanes. Lucky you. Do you use this vehicle for local trips?

A: No because I usually ride my bike around town. That’s one of the reasons why we moved there.

Q: Where do you venture out in the Honda Fit when you’re not using your bike for local transportation?

A: I usually use it for grocery shopping and when I do several trips, going to Napa and coming here. I’ve been going four times a month to Napa. I wanted something to give me good gas mileage. Napa is the furthest I’ve gone, Walnut Creek, actually, which is a little further away. Yeah, still the Bay Area.

Q: You are a fiber artist and an active member of the Sacramento Weavers and Spinners Guild’s Saturday Group. You are co-chair of the meetings held in Sacramento. What do you like about the Honda Fit besides it having all kinds of room for your fiber arts equipment like spinning wheels and looms?

A: It’s fun to drive. I like the fact that it’s zippy. It’s a five-speed on the floor. I feel like I’m driving a little race car.

Q: Nowadays, most people drive automatic.

A: I know. I love having a stick shift again.

Q: What’s the best or worst part of the commute to Napa? I don’t think it matters to you because you seem to have fun with your Honda Fit.

A: If I’m driving to Napa, I hate driving through Jamison Canyon because it’s always backed up. But in my little car, it’s fine.

Q: If Eleanor had a human emotion, what would it be?

A: I’d say happy. She’s a happy little car. She had kind of a rough start. She had some damage done when I took her to the dealer to have her windows tinted. They damaged the top of the car. I had to have a whole new roof put on. She’s got a bit of edge to her. She’s a little edgy, I would say, since she has these things done to her.

Q: Do you have any rules in your car?

A: No smoking’s the only thing because dealing with my mom and stuff. Sometimes I end up eating in my car. Just keep it clean. If you make a mess, you have to clean it up.

Q: Your husband didn’t fight you when you decided to buy the Honda Fit Sport. Isn’t that rare for a man to do?

A: Not at all. We know friends who have Hondas. They are good cars. I get 36 to 37 miles a gallon. I didn’t feel the need to go up to a hybrid. The difference between my car and a hybrid wasn’t worth it for five extra miles per gallon.

Photos and interview by Arlene Poma

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