DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ravin At Raley Field

July 9, 2012 6:25 AM

dyr sacramento11 DEFEND YOUR RIDE: Ravin At Raley Field

“I love baseball! I’m a big Giants fan.”

The Ride
The Driver: Ravin
Car in Question: 1995 White Toyota Corolla
Spotted at: Raley Field, 400, Ball Park Drive, West Sacramento, CA 95691
Odometer: 135,000
Car’s Nickname: Snoopy


Q: Hi Ravin. Welcome to Defend Your Ride Sacramento. Why did you name your ride Snoopy?

A: Because it’s white and it’s got a little bit of black in certain areas. It’s definitely a man. Well, it was my dad’s first, so I just made it male. A male owned it before, so it’s a male car.

Q: How long have you owned your car?

A: I’ve only had it for like a month. We switched. My dad took my car and I took his car because I needed a more efficient and low-maintenance car.

Q: Was your car high-maintenance?

A: Oh my God, a part would be like $300 or more. Anything would break. Like if the window broke, it would crack. I had my back window just break about a month before I gave it to my dad. It was like $350 to get that fixed, just because the power window wouldn’t go up. Most cars you can pop them back into place. You can’t do that in the Beemer.

Q: How many miles have you personally put on it?

A: I’ve only put about 2,000 miles, but I drive a lot. I have to drive to Roseville and back for work almost every day. I’m a runner at a law firm.

Q: What is the most horrific part about your commute?

A: Traffic. What else is there? Traffic is the horror. It’s horrible!

Q: What are we doing at Raley Field today?

A: I love baseball! I’m a big Giants fan, but since I don’t live in the city anymore, I can’t go there as often. The River Cats are actually really good! They’ve won their division championships for the minor league, so it’s not a bad replacement.

Q: So they’re your Giants replacement?

A: Yeah, my Giants replacement. I mean, they’re minor league, you know. They could be Giants members one day. I’d be like, hey, I knew you back when you were at Raley Field!

Photos and interview by Lisa Palmer

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