Guide to a Guy’s Night Out in Sacramento

November 10, 2011 12:00 AM

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By Nick Houser

It’s time for the guys to come over, have some drinks, barbeque, shoot the breeze, and play some poker. There’s just one problem. The girls’ night out just turned into a girls’ night in. So now what? Lucky for you, and the guys, Sacramento offers plenty of options for you and the boys to paint the town.

hooters Guide to a Guy’s Night Out in Sacramento

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Grab some eats – Man style

If you’re looking for a short and sweet night that involves grub, drinks, and chatter, Sacramento has several restaurants designed with you in mind. Why not try Hooters located in Natomas or
Arden? You’ve already heard about their chicken wings and the scenery is quite nice. Take a big enough group and you can attempt to taste all of the combinations of sauces and seasonings at Buffalo Wild Wings off of Sunrise Boulevard. It helps to power down wings while watching one of the numerous big screen televisions. Nothing matches like men and steak so hit up Logan’s
in Natomas or Morton’s downtown. Feeling sushi? Tex Wasabi’s in Arden has everything you need including music, happy hour, and “gringo” sushi for the non-seafood lovers.

casino Guide to a Guy’s Night Out in Sacramento

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Take poker night out of the garage

Of course if there’s no time for Vegas and South Lake Tahoe is still a bit too far, Sacramento has more places to get your fix than you would think. The obvious picks of course: Red Hawk,
Thunder Valley, Jackson Rancheria, and Cache Creek Casino. Each features poker, slot machines, roulette tables, and tons of card tables from the various blackjack games to pai gow. Within city limits there’s a half a dozen more casinos and card rooms such as Capitol Casino on 16th Street downtown, the Limelight on Alhambra, Casino Royale on Auburn Boulevard, or the Silver Fox on Stockton Boulevard.

gokart Guide to a Guy’s Night Out in Sacramento

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Boys will be boys

Looking for a good old-fashioned boys’ night of fun? Sacramento’s got that covered. See who’s the fastest of your friends in a 40MPH grand prix at RPM Indoor Kart Racing on Bradshaw Road. Smash golf balls at Haggin Oaks Golf Course, open until 10 P.M. Or find your favorite flavor at Tobacco Road in the Arden-Arcade. Kick your feet up in the lounge and sip refreshments while choosing your favorite cigar.

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Meet some ladies

With dozens of venues in downtown Sacramento alone, it’s in your hands to meet new friends. But there are a couple of places that will bring you closer and give you more options. Splash Bar, The Mix, and The Park Ultra Lounge are filled with hundreds of beautiful people. Drink, dance, and chat her up for hours. Or pay a visit to the Shady Lady Saloon. The swanky, R street bar features live music and an atmosphere that begs you to buy the group in the booth the first round.

Nick Houser was born and raised in the Sacramento area, where he resides with his wife. He is
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