Sacramento Getaway Spotlight: Granlibakken Women’s Wellness in Lake Tahoe

February 25, 2012 12:00 AM

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By LJ Bottjer

91938322 Sacramento Getaway Spotlight: Granlibakken Women’s Wellness in Lake Tahoe

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Granlibakken Conference Center and Lodge
725 Granlibakken Road
Tahoe City, CA
(800) 543-3221

Just a sniff of the pine-scented air surrounding Granlibakken Lodge, on Lake Tahoe’s west shore, and your worries begin to disappear.

From the front desk personnel to each of the Lodge’s bedrooms to studios, townhouses and suites a sense of friendly welcome exudes. This is place where comfort, not slickness, prevails. Logs are in fireplaces ready for lighting while books line shelves and invite a reader to take them down.

In Norwegian Granlibakken translates to “hillside sheltered by trees”. It was here hopeful ski jumpers trained for spots on the Olympic team during the 1930s and Norwegian ski jumper Kjell “Rusty” Rustad decided to build his lodge.

Every season brings a host of activities to be enjoyed by women on the Lodge’s periodic getaways.

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Photo Credit: Linda J. Bottjer

Planned to restore body and soul they range from a simple gathering for friends and family to the annual Women’s Wellness Weekend in the fall.

The latter brings together women from around California and Nevada for a two-day event.

As the early morning sun lays dappled patterns across the 74 acres of wooded forests and open fields classes in yoga and Pilates or a nature hike stretches muscles.

Seminars by Western medical experts on the latest techniques related to breast cancer, heart disease and healthy aging stretch the brain and encourage a change in habits. Physiologists and others, including financial experts, also urge a change in habit and perception to gain a better life – present and future.

A feeling of well-being and support prevails.

There is no finger-pointing at one’s age, size or physical abilities. Every woman is urged to partake in move freely in Chi gong, Zumba and Cross fit sessions and release negative energy.

Body screenings, acupuncture and chiropractic postural exams are among the healthcare exhibits.

Eating well is a hallmark at Granlibakken.

Breakfast quiche is served with real pork sausage and vegan varieties. Steel cut oatmeal with fresh and dried fruits and yogurts are available as are freshly made croissants and muffins.

Steaming bowls of miso and minestrone soups and salads protein rich with quinoa, beans and meats like roasted chicken are perfect for healthy lifestyles. Of course being good does not mean being deprived. Homemade cookies and brownies topped with powdered sugar, together with fresh fruit, are ready for some serious nibbling.

Attendees to both the annual Women’s Wellness Weekend and the periodic smaller ones throughout the year find their way to the Lodge’s Lighthouse Spa.

Located at the base of the Granlibakken Ski Slope the spa offers an array of therapeutic and holistic

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Photo Credit: Linda J. Bottjer

Refresher, clarifying and restorative facials replace dullness with freshness. Customize your massage to ease fatigue and increase circulation while the strategic placement of hot stones rid the body of stress. Reflexology and complete body wraps further the liberation of toxins and pain.

Whenever one comes to Granlibakken outdoor activities beckon.

The on-site ski and snow area is perfect for beginner and intermediate enthusiasts. The mood is easy- going and intimate and private and group lessons are available. Should you desire more action Tahoe always provides many snow sport options including cross country skiing and snowshoeing

Tennis courts, a swimming pool with hot tub or a stroll down to the nearby town of Tahoe City are other fun ways to stay active in beautiful surroundings.

When life demands you slow down and regroup, head to Granlibakken. Your Lake Tahoe muses will be waiting.

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