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6/21/18 PM Digi-CastSummer heat is here!!!
6/20/18 PM Digi-CastHeating up for the start of summer!
5/24/18 PM Digi-CastRain returns to the valley with snow above 8000 ft in the Sierra!
4/20/18 PM Digi-CastGet ready for a warm weekend!
4/19/18 PM Digi-CastSunny and warmer for Friday!
4/18/18 PM Digi-CastClearing skies and warming up!
4/17/18 PM Digi-CastGetting cloudy and staying cool!
4/16/18 PM Digi-CastStorms today....sunny and cool tomorrow!
4/13/18 PM Digi-CastSunny and super on Saturday!!! Rain returns late Sunday!