It’s color time at the YMCA preschool and according to Ms. Shay it can be messy. “Look at the table, the table stains the fingers,” said Shay.

It’s no wonder, by the end of color time all of the kids hands are messy, and Ms. Shay is left cleaning. Yeah Ethan’s been patient. He’s talking about what we brought with us.

The mess free Color Wonder Sprayer by Crayola, it’s an airbrush system. Right away the claim of no messes has caught the attention of Ms. Shay.

Kurtis Ming: It keeps it off the table so would that be for good for you?

Ms. Shay: Yeah.

First you have to install batteries. Once we do that, we carefully follow the directions and it’s time to try the airbrusher.

Press the cartridge until you hear a click. Oh did you do that? No that was Ms. Shay laughing. Why don’t we just start airbrushing?

“Put it over the picture and move it all around,” said Shay. And the special paper that comes with it even has some hidden images that don’t reveal until you color it.

Kurtis Ming: What do you think of it?

Ms. Shay: Good. You think it’s good too? We have two goods.

The kids are amused. It also comes with some cool stencils. After everyone tries them out we head back to Ethan for an intellectual review.

Kurtis Ming: What do you think Ethan?

Ethan: Good.

Kurtis Ming: Another good, we’re still on the right track.

Still no mess, just some ink on the stencil which wipes right off. “I like it, there’s no mess… nothing on their hands,” said Shay.

But we want to know, does it work on regular paper? “Doesn’t show up as good,” said Ms. Shay.

That’s because after reading the directions we learn it only works on the special Crayola paper and it only comes with 12 pages. “Kids want to draw three lines and go to the next page. This is not the thing for a kid like that,” said Shay.

The kids give it thumbs up. But as for Ms. Shay, she likes the mess free factor but fears between buying paper and ink refills–it’s too much of an investment. “It’s too much money and the kids love to color and draw on their hands. A little bit of mess is ok, if you save money,” said Shay.


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