By Pallas Hupé
I love snapping open a fortune cookie and pulling out that tiny little piece of paper inside.  Those few small words can offer so much promise for me.  I even keep my favorites in a little dish on my desk.  A few I’ll toss if they have no real meaning for me or any kind of impact when I read them. Those that do strike a chord, I save to re-read later because they usually put a smile on my face. Some of my latest really hit home, so I thought I’d share them with you. 
This summer, after just seeing a great friend from high school, I opened one that said: “The best mirror is often a good friend”.
 Isn’t that so true? When we aren’t being true to the person we really are, don’t our friends reactions reveal it instantaneously? And if we waver, they can see right through it and help snap us back on track. I actually save up some tough questions to hash out with my closest friends because when I finally get to see them, I know I’ll get an honest answer and a fresh perspective.
Another fortune warned “Lavish spending may be disastrous, be careful!”.  Not that I spend lavishly, but I am tempted to splurge now and then.  I keep this one as a reminder not to do that too often!
One of my favorites reads “You set your sights high and enjoy striving for the impossible.”  That is just so me.  I know this one by heart.  Sometimes, though, I have to focus on the part that states “the impossible” so I don’t let that perfectionist monster inside me take full control of my life!
Finally, my most recent read “Your ideas are clever and you will be rewarded!”.  Well, we do need to dream, don’t we?