Bargain hunters all already bundling up and standing in line to get the best Black Friday deals.

We are two days out from one of the biggest shopping events, and it’s cold outside. At the Elk Grove Best Buy it was in the mid-40s, but that didn’t keep some shoppers from standing in line since Monday.

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Ten people are coming in and out of a tent near the entrance where these shoppers are positioned to get good deals on laptops and electronics.

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“We have always been first in line for the past few years. We have been the first couple of people in line so we are not worried about that,” said a shopper named Calvin.

Calvin says that for the past three or four years he and his friends have been out here from the Tuesday before Black Friday, so they already know what they’re doing. They’re prepared with blankets and sleeping bags.

Nothing, including cold weather, will keep these shoppers from getting the best spot for Black Friday deals.

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“It was pretty cold. I’m not going to lie about that, but I am pretty sure my friends were freezing also,”said Calvin.