By Dave Bender

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – An unusual weather phenomenon for Northern California created a lot of questions as people spotted an unusual cloud formation over the Sacramento-area, primarily “What is that?”.

People from Natomas to Loomis spotted the unusual site in the sky which was basically a clear blue hole in a cloud with a small spinning “funnel” beneath it. 

The National Weather Service say it’s most likely a hole-punch cloud caused by an airplane that disrupted the cloud formation.

This type of hole-punch cloud actually isn’t unusual, the National Weather Service says planes cause them pretty frequently but they are usually seen in colder climates.

  1. davegorham says:

    aka: Distrail, or dissipation trail. Similar to a contrail in that it is formed by aircraft exhaust interacting with the atmosphere.
    More about distrails:

    Interesting blog about contrails here:

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