More than two months after a Call Kurtis Investigation, U.S. Loan Auditors has filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy protection and says the filing should put a stay on the state’s $60 million lawsuit against them.

The doors are locked and the lights out at U.S. Loan Auditors.  The once booming Rancho Cordova offices are now silent.    When you call up, the voice mailbox is full.   The company’s website states U.S. Loan Auditors will not re-open.

The company which advertised on TV claimed its forensic loan audits and its sister company My U.S. Legal Services could help customers with their mortgage problems.   Struggling homeowners like Cheri Keen, and Tim and Jenny Lawson coughed up thousands of dollars only to end up evicted and homeless.

“I work hard for my money, and I don’t like people taking advantage of me,” Tim Lawson told us during an earlier interview.

In October, the Attorney General filed a $60 million dollar lawsuit against both companies and their owners, Shane Barker, Jeff Pulvino, and James Sandison.   The state called the operation a scam.  The owners of the companies now want the state’s lawsuit against them to be stopped in its tracks because both U.S. Loan Auditors and My U.S. Legal have each filed for bankruptcy protection.     The Attorney General is fighting to move forward with its lawsuit anyway to get restitution for the alleged victims.

University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law Professor John Sims says the state will most likely look to make sure the companies and owners did not hide any assets.

“There’s going to be a real aggressive effort I’m sure, they are going to track down any assets that belong to anyone involved in this,” Sims said.

Bankruptcy Attorney W. Austin Cooper represents both companies and Sandison who has also filed for personal bankruptcy protection.   Cooper tells CBS13 he’s working to list the people who are owed money; –which could be as many as two thousand for My U.S. Legal and up to twelve hundred for U.S. Loan Auditors.

He says, “The best way for customers to see refunds is through the bankruptcy court where they will be treated equally and fairly.”

But Sims isn’t optimistic for those who say they were ripped off.

“The fact it’s in bankruptcy court, the victims are likely not going to get very much out of it.”

A hearing is scheduled for next week on the state’s case against the company.

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  1. Michael D. Cooley says:

    Is it any wonder that people are angry at businesses. Seems to me that the wrong people are in prison. Let politicians and business people pay just like everybody else.

  2. Jay Post says:

    What is amazing is the number of degenerates that this attorney has represented in bankruptcy proceedings.

    Think Zouku’s downtown and FA & Sons Tire in on Coloma (same crooked owner).

  3. Patricia Carl says:

    What about Senior Care Advocates. That bunch took lots of money, and closed its doors. However, its lawyer owners are still in business. That is a crime. We wrote to the California State Attorney, and nothing ever happened to them.

  4. Norm says:

    “I feel for these people, they were sucked into something they could not afford in the first place by those who had but one thing in mind, THE COMMISSION” the agents that pushed these sales along with their BROKERS, NAR, National Association of Realtors should be severly punished for their partiicipattion in coning people into thinking they were going to MAKE MONEY ON buying something they coiuld not afford.

  5. Norm says:

    QUESTION; Where is or was JERRY BROWN, Chief enforcement officer for the State of California, OH that’s right to many of his Liberal Friends were runing these scams. It’s same old story GREED.. GREED. Who oh Who will help to clean up this filthy mess. Where is the licensing Authorities, just where is the person who has the chehonies to take on this trash.

  6. lm says:

    If Kurtis were to turn around and go through the doors on the opposition side, he would see MUSL still working….

  7. Moises Reyes says:

    I was a customer of loan auditors as well. I have tried contacting them and like the article says, their mailbox is full and there is no possible way of me communicating with them. I am struggling so much at this moment, and do not know what to do. Can you please help me or send me any contact information?
    I hope you can help me.
    Moises Reyes

    1. victor says:

      moises i am in the same shoes i payed these guy’s a total of 17000.00 dollars and i am as lost as you in what actions to take like you i would love to to have info at this moment i still have my home but i am pay the mortgage company back one year of back payments grand total 3400.00 monthly which leaves me with 500.00 for expances so i feel you bro

  8. valerie says:

    My dad was desprate and didnt know what else to do to save our house, then he heard about this company. Of course they told my dad what he wanted to hear and took over 1,000.00 a month. I have yet to hear anyone say they saved their house. They sure didnt help save our house it was foreclosed. I cant believe how low people stoop just to make money.

  9. Rupert Murdoch says:

    You claim they took your money and did nothing. The bank claims you stayed in their house without paying. If USLA are thief’s for taking your money, then what are you for trying to live in your house for free?

  10. Roylee Worrel says:

    how can a business file bankruptcy just to save there money when the government knows it against the law. i also was apart of the usla and they promised to save my home. the ATTORNEY GENERALS OFFICE should pursue a lawsuit against both companies to help all the victims with these companies. i am still in trouble with my home. trying to modify my home after paying them for 17 months. you ad it up and not any good results from them. so i still might loose my home because of there promises they offer.i hope this gets back to the government. should the government see this contact me because im still mad.

  11. arlene leong says:

    i was a victim too..please call me Hi,
    I was a customer of loan auditors as well. I have tried contacting them and like the article says, their mailbox is full and there is no possible way of me communicating with them. I am struggling so much at this moment, and do not know what to do. Can you please help me or send me any contact information?
    I hope you can help me. My children and i lost our home they should be ashmed and arrested for fraud!!!!
    Arlene Leong and Jeffrey Lee 4088232645

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