LODI (CBS13) — Employees with the Lodi Unified School District met on Thursday to talk about a proposed pay cut that could bring devastating results to dozens of families.

They say they’re fighting to survive, and now hundreds of Lodi Unified District employees are facing a minimum 27 percent pay cut.

“How am I going to make it every month, month to month, because they want to cut us 27 percent,” says Diane Mead, Cafeteria Manager.

All of the workers have done the math.

“They want to cut me $788,” says Mead.

According to the union, this is the district’s final offer to save more than $6 million. The negotiations have been going on for a year.   The offer includes a four percent pay cut, salary freeze, and 12 furlough days.  This is in part because the employed didn’t take any furloughs last school year. The union says it adds up, and it means pay cuts of up to 44 percent.

Today, CBS13 made several attempts to contact numerous officials with the Lodi Unified School District, including the superintendent, but no one returned our calls.

On Thursday night, workers packed a high school cafeteria so they could plan their next step to fight the cuts. They claim the district already saved more than $5 million laying off a couple hundred workers, but they keep asking for more from people who don’t have much to begin with.

The percentage pay cuts depend on how many hours and days an employee works.  For example, someone who usually takes home about $3,000 a month and works throughout the year will instead take home $2,000.

Many workers plan to attend the school board meeting next week.


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