By Ron Jones

LIVE OAK, Calif. (CBS13) — A young boy was tied up after a pair of home invasion suspects found him while he was playing video games, authorities said.

Sutter County investigators said the parents of the 12-year-old victim were Christmas shopping when two men approached their home on Gum Street and began checking for entry points into the home.

The two men entered through an unlocked door at the rear of the home and began searching the home. The victim heard the suspects walking around the kitchen and investigated, stumbling onto the intruders.

Detectives said the boy told them the men tied him up with an extension cord and locked him into one of the rooms in the home.

The two men stole the boy’s video games and 12 jars of medicinal marijuana, police said.

After the suspects drove off in a red vehicle, the boy was able to break free and run to a neighbor’s house for help. He was not seriously injured.

Police are still looking for the suspects, who are described as possibly Hispanic or Asian men in their 20s.

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  1. josh says:

    it better not to have children at all.

  2. Run Twentysixmiles says:

    Yeah, I’m sure dad wasn’t dealing, he’s just another of the unfortunate “chronically ill’ individuals in California! Just one of millions who have come down with a ‘debilitating illness’ in the years since ‘medical marijuana’ was legalized!!!
    Yeah, this was just a random crime, like all the drug violence in Mexico, just a random crime! Guess dad will have to make another trip to the ‘pharmacy’, replacing those video games is going to be a pain in the butt!!!!

  3. flint says:

    An obvious case that someone knew the pot was there. Inside job by the kids friends or someone who knows them.

  4. flint says:

    galt…did you read…MEDICAL not recreationa. Been smokin’ a bit too much for those eyes to catch that? Loser.

    1. carl says:

      uhh, right, the kid is 12 and smokes medical marijuana? Are you kidding me??? Only in Califonia….

  5. Ho Moe Lone says:

    I don’t get it. That’s not what happened in the movies.

    Isn’t MacAulay Culkin supposed to sleep with Michael Jackson?

  6. Whatsmyname says:

    The story might be um B.S too.. I mean what that’s all they took? No Money, Credit cards anything alike? B.S Detected.

    1. LEGION says:

      The credit cards and the money were on the Parents who were out Christmas shopping.

  7. David Kennedy Barrett says:

    Without question the burglars’ intent was to steal the 12 jars of marijuana. The perps know the victims either through business or social relationships. The video games were an after thought that could be sold for a bit of cash.

  8. Bill Claptrap says:


  9. Bobby Boston says:

    The best thing that could have happened if the 12 year old was armed and shot and killed the two punks. I could hear the moonbats now, complaining about guns and that it would be a shame if the two were lying stinking in the earth after robbing an innocent kid.

  10. VitoChan says:

    yea man.. if you knew about the story.. The kid used medicinal marijuana to help him stomach food.
    How many hours a day do you drink and beat your wife ? Exacttly. Marijuana has hurt nooobody. Ever.

  11. Fk says:

    What part of medicinal marijuana did you not understand?

  12. Jarhead says:

    Quite assumptive of you. You see the word Marijuana and just assume it was the kid’s. Reading actual words isn’t your forte. The weed was medicinal. Which means it was procured legally and by prescription. This kid was playing a video game, yes, but he wasn’t smoking pot. It was more than likely his parents pot. I play video games, and new games are played until played through. Which may include a 4-6 hour session from time to time, but I don’t play every day. I’ve maybe played 24 total hours in the last year. I smoke medical marijuana every day. I am eloquent and have a job in sales. I make my own living and don’t get free money from other tax payers. Next month I’ll be 60. If you keep up this BS of attacking personally, you won’t make it to my age. Especially if you decide to attack in person…please look me up, as this former Marine would be more than happy to educate you in the fine art of self preservation.

    Now some observations about you, seeing as though you like to give your opinion of others you don’t know anything about. I believe you’re a lazy live-in-your-parents-basement non-working living off others because you’re too good to take a menial job that you’re under-qualified to have anyway. You’re either too stupid or lazy to capitalize or punctuate properly or to even follow basic grammar rules. And unfortunately, you’ll probably see this as something to be proud of because someone responded to your post.

    But I bet you feel better putting down someone else…that’s what your type does. Grow yourself before you criticize others. This kid was traumatized by these burglars and all you can do is attack the kid more. You are a moron, plain and simple.

    1. ScottFree says:

      Dear Jarhead,
      I believe you need to take some more medication for your anger issues, since it doesnt appear to be working.
      Remember that inviting someone to attack you only worked for inspector clouseau, and hes been gone far to long.

      1. Jarhead says:

        I appreciate you looking out for my best interests, but of course having this moron meet me isn’t going to happen. I was just making a point that I see missed you completely. As you were more than likely just looking for something to say to antagonize me. The only part that got my ire up, was his wanton lack of respect for this kid. I was trying to educate with the use of his own method of attack so he would be able to fathom it. Do you just go around to forums and dribble your views at anyone you feel you can bring down to your level of cranium activity? You missed completely here.

  13. Salharmonic says:

    Right medical, I’m sure. An the parents? Model citizens no doubt, leaving a kid home with video games and marijuana.

  14. Big C in Texas says:

    Here in Houston a Deputy’s son was home with his Sis; he shot 1 guy and the other begged not to be shot. Proper gun retention and training saves lives.
    They took the pot and video games; guess that’s what occupied the thieves afternoon…left the TV, Jewels? stupid crooks…

  15. Jeanie says:

    Inside job. They didn’t just “happen” to find a home with a bunch of weed by “coincidence”. Somebody talked, and they were targeted because of it. Or one or both of the intruders was someone who’d been in the home.

  16. g Curtis says:

    Police need to arrest the stupid dope head parents in this one.

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