By Melissa Cabral

DIXON (CBS13) — When Kaylee Hubbard found out her father couldn’t make it home from Afghanistan for the holiday, she knew just what to do to honor his service.

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She collected presents and delivered them to the Oakland Children’s Hospital today. She said this is a way to be closer to her dad this Christmas.

It may not look like Santa’s sleigh, but inside this black SUV are lots of toys and goodies for little girls and boys. And it’s not Santa making this delivery, but little five-year-old Kaylee Hubbard of Dixon. Why you ask? She says it’s because of her daddy.

CBS13’s Melissa Cabral: Where is he right now?

Kaylee: In Afghanistan

Melissa: Does it make you sad that he’s not here on Christmas? Yeah.

So she wanted to do something fun. And since her father works at a hospital in Afghanistan, she came up with the idea to take presents to the kids at the Children’s Hospital in Oakland “because they may not get any presents for Christmas,” said Kaylee.

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“I couldn’t really answer her at first. I was really choked up at first. I’m so proud of her,” said Kaylee’s mom, Tanya.

Melissa: What do you think your daddy would say?

Kaylee: That he would like it.

In fact, Kaylee’s mom tells us that when she told her husband of their Christmas plans it was difficult for him to talk.

“It’s hard enough to be away from home. It really touched him how sweet she is and how much she’s handling it,” said Tanya.

But those who know Kaylee say this is really how she is everyday — just giving and loving, proving she’s learned that it’s always better to give than to receive.

“She’s got a really great heart,” said Tanya.

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Some of children in Kaylee’s school also donated toys for the cause. Kaylee is also taking toys to Travis AFB so that when wounded soldiers come home, they will have something special to bring their loved ones.