By Kurtis Ming

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — A Roseville businesswoman says the post office keeps rerouting her mail.  When the postal service couldn’t straighten it out for a year and a half, it was time to call Kurtis.

Her used car lot moved across the street.

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So why has the post office been rerouting her mail to a different town?

“I don’t see how hard it can be,” says Nadia Tatach, Roseville resident.

It was a simple move a year and a half ago from one side of the street… to the other.

And since then, Nadia’s used car business has been missing important mail, including car payments from customers.

“It kind of caused a little problem between us and a customer, because we were accusing him of late payment,” says Nadia.

The mail is addressed correctly to the new location on Riverside Avenue in Roseville.

But Nadia learned the post office has been re-routing her mail to Fulton Avenue in Sacramento, the new location for the company that used to operate at her Riverside address.

“Just doesn’t make sense, different name completely different address,” says Nadia.

The post office said they’d fix it but the problem went on for a year.  

Nadia spoke with a post office manager.  

“She said don’t worry about it, the mail forwarding has already been cancelled,” says Nadia.

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Fast forward another six months.   She’s still missing mail.

“Definitely it does hurt the business,” says Nadia.

We took the case, contacting the post office.  They jumped on it and tracked the problem to here…  the mail distribution center in West Sacramento.

And this machine called “PARS”– Postal Automated Redirection System.

It’s smart enough to read envelopes and figures out where the mail should go.  

The fact the former tenant and Nadia both ran used car lots, tricked the computer into forwarding the mail.

“The business name that moved out had such and such auto sales and the new business that moved in had such and such auto sales on it,” says Ralph Petty, Customer Relations Coordinator, U.S. Postal Service.

A rare problem he says.  After we got involved, the postal service re-programmed the computer so Nadia’s mail won’t get forwarded anymore.

“This is a little glitch in the system that we’ve gotten resolved,” says Ralph.

Relief for Nadia who needs every check sent her way to keep her company going.

“Happy… will take away some of the worries,” says Nadia.

Petty says this also sometimes happens when someone moves into a house and shares the same first or last name with the person who used to live there.

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If the post office manager can’t get your problem fixed, Petty says ask for the consumer affairs department.