ELK GROVE, Calif. (CBS13) – One person was killed and six others injured in a rollover crash on northbound Highway 99 on Saturday night.

A white Toyota 4Runner spun out of control while trying to merge onto Highway 99 near Laguna Boulevard just before 7:30 p.m., striking a loaded minivan. The van rolled over, ejecting several occupants.

An adult male has been pronounced dead at the scene and six other people, including several children, were rushed to the hospital for treatment.

The driver of the 4Runner was not seriously hurt and said the wet road caused him to lose control.

Northbound Highway 99 was shut down immediately after the accident but CHP has since reopened all lanes to traffic.

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  1. JW says:

    Someone is dead and it appears as if several children were hurt and most of you are obsessed with typos. Get out of your mother’s basement!

    1. Whimper says:

      Ok, we’ll mind, just don’t get mad and spank.

  2. r.f. stevenson says:

    I hate driving on 991 It’s very, very dangerous! I had a bad accident 15 years ago at Florin Rd and 99. God Bless the Families who were hurt.

  3. Bdizzle says:

    In the second paragraph it reads: “had been pronounced dead” instead of “was been pronounced dead.”

    1. Bdizzle says:

      Ooops, other way around…

      1. Estony says:

        Were you still reading that 45 minutes later? Are you still reading now?

    2. Matt says:

      You mean “HAS BEEN”?


    “I am so sorry” was all he had to say with little emotion. He could barely speak English. How fast was he going if it was damp and what was he doing at the time yakking with someone. You drive according to weather conditions. Your attention is totally on the road.- period. Now were the kid strapped in I doubt it. So much woe. but let’s ask… Can we do it over ’cause I am so sorry…

    1. OutofCarDriver says:

      You could be right. Could be wrong. It’s clear from your view that anyone not speaking good english would think about wearing seatbelts. Not to mention your compassion about his untimely death. Could happen to you any time.

  5. Rich says:

    Who cares how it’s written-someone died!! Hello people-have some compassion–

  6. Vicky says:

    REALLY??!! You people focused on the grammatical mistakes of the post rather than the life that was lost, or the people that were injured, make me sick. Not to mention the people that placed their judgment on the whole situation… like you all are so frickin’ perfect all of the time. Did any of you stop to think that the family/friends of the victims might read your ridiclously hurtful and stupid remarks?? Would it kill you all to be supportive, encouraging, or compassionate? Karma, karma, karma!!!!

    1. Gigi says:

      agreed Vicky. Bless your heart! my prayers goes to the families of the victims. God Bless us All.

  7. ashley says:

    have some respect for the family, that was our cousin!!!!

  8. Sally says:

    So sorry to the injured ones get well

  9. Jack says:

    India..? i dont think so, not this type of journalism work. btw, if u didn’t know India is what USA fear the most, b/c they are #1 in becoming the world’s leading educator and speaks English than China. eg) indian institute of technology (IIT) is world’s #1, Top U.S. Schools Harvard, MIT are 2nd choice for Smart U.S. and Other countries Students.

  10. Angel says:

    Condolences to the family!! So sorry for your loss!

  11. Morgie says:

    Wow you people complaining about the way the storie is written suck. Come on a man died and six other people are injured. Have some respect for the family, At least the driver said sorry, and he SPOKE English.

  12. Rachel says:

    This was my cousin…. this is devastating news for my family. Please, people – have a little respect.

    1. nancy says:

      My daughter works with your cousin in law at Mercy….so sad and ignore the ignorant comments…it is just that, ignorance. We are praying for your family, the recovery of everyone and their future…so saddened by this unfortunate accident…

      1. Rachel says:

        Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate the fact that there are people out there with a heart. It doesn’t help our grief stricken family to read such horrible comments left by others. This is a horrible accident that took the life of a young man, and he doesn’t deserve such disrespect. He was a father, a husband, and a son, and we are all lost without him.

  13. MelMel81 says:

    You guys kill me!! OMG are you guys seriously going to argue over some stupid stuff? Like come on now get over it already.. Like every one else has been saying read and discuss the real topic of the story which is that people got hurt here and some one lost their life!! My prayers go out the all the families in this accident.

  14. elena says:

    Im sooo sorry for your loss , my prayers go out to the family. all these people talking about dumb stuff besides the point are idiots ! like have some respect for the family ; youd want it if it was your family so stop acting arrogant ! thankss

  15. 916 lady says:

    People need to really be careful and PAY attention. Especially at night and when the weather is bad (obviously). Stop driving SO da#$ fast, stop popping in and out of lanes and stay off each others a$$e$!! A lot can be learned, if you would just slow down and think about WHO MIGHT BE IN THE CAR NEXT TO YOU. A newborn baby, a sick child, or a regular human being. Stop being so careless PEOPLE! May all those who were injured, get well and for the person who died, may they rest in peace.

  16. Falon says:

    That was my husband that was killed he was a beautiful man that did not deserve this. I would just like to thank every one that helped us on that horrible night, and to let you know that my son that was also injuried very badly is now completely back to normal and doing well. He did fracture his skull and had a brain bleed and swelling, he also fractured his neck and pelvis. You would never know it to see him now. The loss that we suffered, the pain that this has caused I cant explain. My heart is broken and I will never be the same neither will my children. That was going to be our first night in our new house we had just stopped to get pizza and rent a movie, we were on our way home to have a great night with our kids. In a split second our lives we ruined forever by someones carelessnes. I wish I would of noticed that he didnt fasten his seat belt so I could remind him but I didnt. David was a great person, father and friend and I will miss him every second of my life. Again thank you to every one that helped us that night all the people that helped get my kids out of the car and gave them your jackets and covered them and kept them warm, I remeber all of your faces and all of your kind words. It really ment alot to me to know that there are still kind people in the world and I will never forget you.

  17. Falon says:

    OH and by the way all my kids were strapped in and we were going below the speed limit it was the careless other driver that hit us, ( caused the accident and admitted to being at fault )you should be questioning. We were a great family and good parents, the world would be a better place if my man was still in it. The only thing he could be blamed for is not fastening his own seat belt and when have all been punnished more that enough for that mistake. So yeah the comments about us are not necessary…

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