SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — When Josh Abken told his doctor he was having persistent back pain about a year ago, the doctor took an x-ray.

The Chico-area school vice principal said he was stunned to learn what was growing inside him.

“You think you got a serious muscle pull or something, [but] the doctor has that serious doctor face you see on TV,” Abken said. “They didn’t really know what was growing inside of me.”

They named it Gill: A soccer-ball size “alien” tumor that had become as solid as a rock and even had growing tentacles.

Abken and his family made shirts bearing the motto “Kill Gill,” based on the movie posters for the film “Kill Bill.”

The husband and father of two said doctors told him the giant tumor was beginning to put pressure on his heart, shove his lungs out of position and even squash his stomach downward. It apparently had been growing for at least a decade.

“My kids are pretty young, they knew Daddy had a big ‘owee,’” he said.

Thoracic surgeon Costanzo Di Perna was able to remove the tumor before it killed Abken, but required several hours of surgery before it was all gone.

“Trying to take out this large, calcified tumor, hard like a rock, created a difficult surgical experience,” Dr. Di Perna said.

Abken will continue to receive PET-CT scans to see if the tumor will return, but he has stayed cancer-free for about a year.

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  1. Whatever happens you need a healthcare system. It works excellently in the most of Europe. The idea of a first world country without proper healthcare is laughable. The US will eventually get one, so might as well be now, at least then you still have a reasonable economy in which to test and implement it. (The world future isn’t as bright as everyone thinks, it’s more of a dull shine)

  2. mike says:

    I had a heart transplant 15 yrs ago.Insurance through my job wouldn’t cover me and neither would any other insurance company. I don’t have $700,000 for the surgery to pay for it. Luckily a deal was reached with my former insurance company. Now it just costs me about $40,000 to keep me alive. 🙂 Good ol USA health insurance companies!

  3. penskey says:

    I absolutely love the customer support for this website. No way to contact them at all. I made a post in response to Knox Bundy,s post at the top about 30 minutes ago and it still isn’t being shown.

  4. tb says:

    These are actually common tumours. A very high percent of women (if not all women) have these tumours, they are called fibroids and often they are calcified and massive, they dont remove them if its a women as so many have them, even if its causing problems. Because its a man, the media make a big deal about it.

    1. Ed says:

      My wife has gone through this same exact thing as mentioned above.
      She had a tumor between her shoulder blades that she could feel moving under her skin. She had it since she was in junior high school.
      When the tumor was removed it weighed 30 pounds and had tentacles and was moving on its own.
      The Doctor said it was a lypoma tumor.
      The only other thing that she was told is that they shipped it to the Mayo Clinic.
      I do not believe this to be a common tumor it seems that these things whatever they are, are more of a life form of some type than a tumor. I have also been informed that Dr’s are instructed to keep quiet about things like this.. Anyone else have any ideas?

      1. Anita says:

        Ed, your wife had a lipoma (note correct spelling if you want to look up more information). It’s a fatty tumor, benign (i.e. NOT cancer), and no, it’s not the same thing as mentioned above. It’s actually quite common (my mother had one) and is usually removed surgically if it grows large enough to be annoying. A tumor is a tumor, not, repeat NOT some kind of alien life form! A tumor (any tumor) is formed from a person’s own cells, gone wrong. Doctors are certainly not “instructed to keep quiet” about such a common lump.
        (a reply from a cancer researcher, who wishes doctors would be more clear about communicating with patients, and that patients would take the time to be sure they got their information straight)

      2. It's naht a tooma! says:

        Dogs can get a form of cancer that consists essentially of foreign canine cells living in their blood.

        So, no. Not all tumors are of the hosts cells.

    2. Anita says:

      Dear tb – this was not the same as a fibroid, which is a benign (NOT cancerous) tumor of the uterus. This man did not have a uterus 🙂
      Different kinds of tumors can become calcified. Different kinds of tumors can become massive, especially the benign ones. This article did not identify the specific type of tumor this man had at all.

    3. Randy says:

      Holy misogynism fc!

    4. Bee Ryan says:

      fc, where did that come from … I think Anita had some good info, for a man or a woman, psycho or not.

    5. maria perez says:

      really buddy

  5. Lady V says:

    Wow! What a horrible thing to have growing inside of a human being! I think we should all spend a little more time focusing on the possible causes of “alien” calcified tumors, in women and in men. If the previous writer’s wife’s tumor was merely “shipped off to the Mayo Clinic,” never ti be mentioned again, I cannot help but be even more concerned. Is there a possible environmentsl cause? Are these actually parasitic in nature? Is it somehow related to the creatures growing inside the mouths of fish caught in New Jersey? Is it related to the jet fuel being found in the breast milk of so many Chicago mothers? This is is not political, it is simply freaky, frightening, and fully in need of accurate investigation and thorough removal from our bodies! How can something as hard as concrete grow tentacles? Come on, the answers must not continue to be so vague.

  6. Jim Griffin says:

    The tumors escaped from the ship that crashed at Roswell. Most of them were captured soon afterward but several managed to infiltrate our society. Our Government estimates that there could be several hundred thousand of these things living in unsuspecting hosts while they wait for the rest of their race to join them. The good news is that these aliens will be providing free health care to all.

  7. Scott says:

    Thanks Christhi, for keeping your eye on the topic.

  8. lll says:

    gross. I need to get my head checked.

  9. Tumor necrosis factor receptor says:

    Melanoma is often a process and growths are the end result of these procedure. Just becoming less or detaching the tumour does not solve the method that resulted in the growth. For you to cure …tumors

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