PLACER COUNTY (CBS13) — Placer County Superior Court handed down a 25-years-to-life sentence in prison to a man charged with drunk driving and endangerment to society.

Douglas Harold Doyle, 51, received the harsh sentence, which many agree is appropriate for his crimes, after he plead guilty to driving under the influence of alcohol. He simply couldn’t be forgiven by the judge after striking out in California’s Three-Strikes law. In 1987, Doyle was charged with vehicular manslaughter for killing a school teacher in another alcohol related driving incident.

Kathleen Fenley, the daughter of the slain school teacher, had much to say about Doyle’s destruction on her life and also spoke in fear for others.

“My fear is that he will continue to drink and drive, continue to have disrespect for the law and continue to commit crimes,” said Fenley.

In addition to Doyle’s parole violations and domestic violence charges, which include assaulting his girlfriend with a sword, Placer County District Attorney’s Office also cited five felony charges, four misdemeanors and four prior sentencings to state prisons as evidence for Doyle’s strikes. On February 2nd this criminal history was used as hard evidence to enable the judge to impose the final third felony strike and the 25-year-to-life sentence.

In 2010, after a lengthy history of problems and sentencing, Doyle vowed to stop drinking, but with no progress being made, the man still appeared to be a detriment to society according to prosecutor Christopher Cattran. He had serious doubts about Doyle’s future being bright.

“The defendant’s criminal conduct makes him a serious and continuing danger to society. There is no reason for the defendant to escape the consequences of the choices he has made to repeatedly break the law,” stated Cattran.

Comments (23)
  1. 916 lady says:

    I understand the reasoning behind the 3 strikes rule. It makes sense, it really does. But, it breaks my heart when you see other criminals hurting children, molesting children, killing the elderly, killing random people, killing in general and those criminals do not get life sometimes. We have these laws, but don’t use them to the best we can. Create harsher laws for those who are really a threat to society, this instance seems appopriate, but lets examine the other criminals too.

    1. KK says:

      You’d have a different opinion if you had a loved one killed by a drunk driver who refuses to reform.

      1. Old Hippie says:

        Too bad you didn’t bother reading what you actually responded to.

  2. Alexandra Elliott says:

    25 years sounds like a lot but it looks like he didnt really care that he got off so lucky the first time. and especially after killing someone.

  3. Shell says:

    Instead of “clogging” up the prisons with murders”.. they should be drafted to war.. Why not use them.. instead of “good citizens”..

    1. jj says:

      Reply to Shell: Many ex-inmates should be allowed to enter military service, but this nation isn’t threatened. When the day comes that this nation needs ex-inmates to defend it, as an ex-inmate, I will not answer the call, this nation didn’t protect me, I will not protect it.

      1. jefe says:

        The military won’t let you enlist with 3 DUI. Go figure.

      2. bill Dikant says:

        Then get the He!! out!. yes we did protect you to a degree, in PRISON.

  4. Ben says:

    Enjoy the pruno in prison.

  5. still kicking says:

    Here’s a better idea: 3 strikes and you are out PERMANENTLY from the world. What is it going to cost already overburdened taxpayers to care for this POS for the next 25 years. Our ancestors didn’t waste time with those who refused to accept the rules of society.

    1. Rick Taylor says:

      I agree 100 %– See my comment–

    2. Randomandy says:

      In reality, the death sentence costs the state more than life imprisonment (due to all the appeals.) So you’ll have to use a stronger argument.

  6. Rick Taylor says:

    We would all be better off if we just fried this piece of junk–

    I agree with Still Kicking !!

  7. james kuykendall says:

    why in the hell was he let off easy in the first place????

  8. Wayne says:

    Life for this guy and two weeks for Vince Neil. Once again the scales of justice are based on how much money you can put in it.

  9. Joe Minority says:

    Three strike is just another form of double jeopardy. It does NOTHING to deter crime. Its just a way to keep california guardsmen working, at the expense of anyone unfortunant enough to have had a felony in the past. And the way they use it is inhumane towards humans. It won’t make a difference until WHITE folk start to out number the other more likely canidates.

    1. jj says:

      Reply to Joe Minority: RIGHT ON!!

    2. Perry Baltzer says:

      oh brother!!

  10. conserver1 says:

    … after he plead? Can you get a proof reader?

  11. james says:

    But when illegal roaches run down Americans here in the States ( On a Regular basis) They get deported, to only come back

    1. Perry Baltzer says:

      really? racist AND inappropriate

  12. Perry Baltzer says:

    I think it’ appropriate, just think it was a little late in coming. How many times do we have to read or hear about repeat offenders continuing to drive drunk and hurting others? just think that it’s still not enforced seriously enough to make a difference.

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