SAN FRANCISCO (CBS13/AP) — Yes, it’s really possible that downtown San Francisco might see its first snowfall in more than 30 years later this week.

Might being the operative word.

An unsettled cold air mass dropping from the Gulf of Alaska will bring colder temperatures and periods of rain to the San Francisco Bay Area, the National Weather Service said Tuesday. The mass could drop any snow amounts to sea level.

Snow is also expected to drop unusually low in the interior valley, with snow as low as 1,000 feet in the Sierra foothills and several feet of snow accumulating in the higher elevations.

That likely means snow at higher elevations and — possibly — light snow to downtown San Francisco for the first time since 1976, said Bob Benjamin, a weather service forecaster in Monterey.

“I really won’t say it’s not going to happen, if we do experience snow, you may see it in the air, but it will likely be gone before it hits the ground,” Benjamin said.

However, the snow could likely stick to metal surfaces up in San Francisco’s Twin Peaks, as well as the Hills in neighboring Oakland, he added.

“It’s so rare,” Benjamin said. “Any snow will be temporary. Probably long enough to take a picture, if you have a camera with a fast shutter.”

Showers in the area are expected to start Thursday, peaking on Friday with more rain on Saturday. Highs are expected to be only in the 30s by Saturday, conditions just right for rain to possibly turn into snow.

Overnight lows are expected to also be in the 30s on Friday and Saturday nights in the Bay Area, and highs will struggle to reach above 40 in the Sacramento region.

The Bay Area has already seen snow on some of its mountain peaks after a nearly four inches of precipitation, last week.

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    What happened to GLOBAL WARMING?…HUH?..HUH?…ALGORE always hides out in the winter then suddenly appears the first 100 degree day in May….just like Donald Trump says”:it does not exist.its a hoax”….ALGORE you’re fired!!…Wisconsin teachers believe in this nonsense….my kids laugh at this garbage…my kids are smarter than the “teachers”.

    1. scout says:

      lol, luv ya!

  2. Joule says:

    I totally agree with you. Al Gore is a fraud and while we may be experiencing climate change (which is a natural occurance not caused by man), global warming is a hoax that Gore has made millions from. Tipper must have had her fill because she left him.

    1. CAR54WHERESALGORE? says:

      You notice the genius ALAN calls us MORONS…a typical LIBERAL response..welcome to OBAMAS WORLD….ALAN, do you leave the bath houses long enough to check out the weather?….it’s freaking COLD everywhere,bro…..except in your cozy little bath house….you are a special SAN FRANCISCO guy….HE-HE-HE-HE

  3. Alan says:

    Isn’t it interesting when the morons come out and show their ignorance in believing that global warming cannot cause extreme cold in some areas when they simply want to express their ridiculous political extremism.

    I must add this is a thoroughly badly researched story. I lived in SF from 1984 to 2001. I definitely recall two instances of news organizations in SF showing light snowfall in SF during that time.

  4. Alex says:

    No kidding, it’s GLOBAL warming, not one day in February in San Francisco warming.

  5. trozzy says:

    Alan: Your mean spirited ignorance( The state of being ignorant; lack of knoledge, information awareness), is showing you to be a moron (A person exhibiting the mildest degree of mental deficiency, permitting adequecy in simple activities). Al Gore has been shown to be a snake oil salesman and pompous azz. Numerous times North America and Europe have been covered in hundreds of feet of ice, and just as many times the climate has warmed and the ice sheets receded. All of this was before man or the Chevy Suburban. The carbon credits scam, is to rip off gullable people. At any one time there are valcanoes around the world, both visible and below the oceans, spewing gases into the atmosphere at a rate man couldn’t match if he tried.

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