SACRAMENTO (CBS13/AP) – The Sacramento Kings have filed a request for an extension on the NBA’s March 1 deadline to inform the league if the franchise intends to relocate next season.

NBA spokesman Tim Frank confirmed the report that KTHK-AM’s Mark Kreidler broke on Thursday morning, that the Kings had requested more time to make their decision. The Kings will have the opportunity to discuss their options at the NBA’s Board of Governors meetings April 14-15.

The move is the latest and perhaps strongest signal yet that the franchise is considering a move out of California’s capital city. Sacramento has struggled for years to build a new arena, which the Kings’ owners argue is crucial for long-term financial viability.

NBA Commissioner David Stern acknowledged during All-Star weekend that the Kings have had talks with officials in Anaheim, Calif., about relocating to its arena. But according to Kreidler, sources also said the NBA is not sold on the move. Sacramento is still in play, Kreidler was told, but these developments will not bring the Kings closer to solidifying an arena deal in Sacramento.

The Kings will turn a modest profit this season, due in part to having the smallest payroll in the league. The Kings lost money last season, but not that much, according to league standards — a claim that some find hard to believe.

“My gut says the Maloofs haven’t heard the magic words from Anaheim and that NBA is wary because of history there,” said Kreidler. “Also, they will take NO loan from Ducks owner Henry Samueli – ever.”

The Maloofs say they are not being financially leveraged into making a panic move, and will not sell the team. But if the Kings move to Anaheim, the Maloofs will finance the move themselves, which will make it that much tougher for the struggling organization.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, as well as Lakers Coach Phil Jackson think the team should stay put.

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  1. elliott the Cat says:

    The Criminals of Sacramento don’t deserve a Team !

    Maybe people should focus on the crime & jobs .

    I like the Kings but take a look around at the lost soles walking the streets .

    1. A non a mouse says:

      It’s true, but the people of Sacramento don’t want to do that, either. If the city prospers, it’s good for everybody, even the lost souls on the streets. “Let the poor get a job if they want to eat!”, I can hear it now. Sacramento just needs to decide if they want to try and be a world class city, or just be content to stay as they are, chew their cuds and relax in “Cowtown” . I vote for progress, build the arena, keep Sac on the map!

    2. elliott the Cat says:

      Was at a Kings game last week, Arco is like a 80’s Collage arena.

      I didn’t see all the people with big mouths saying the Kings should stay !

      I did see a Tiered Arena, Tired Team & Empty Seats.

      People didn’t even fill $3.00 seats. None of the criminals in Sacramento are going to pay $300.00 for good seats even at a new arena with 1 or 2 all stars.

      Add parking, Food , A Jersey & the total for a family would rocket higher.

      Sacramento just doesn’t have the kinda Fans that will through down.
      Golden State & The Raiders are all mismanaged .

      The might be able to sell tickets to the Felony all star game !

  2. w says:

    things like the Kings and an arena with events are what make people with money want to live in this city. the people with money pay taxes. the less attractive the city, the less people with money want to live here, and the worse things get for everyone.

  3. Luke Williams says:

    Build and arena in the old railroad yard downtown Sacramento . It would benifit Sacramento and all bussines in the surrounding area . We have the team here right now . It is the right move . But we need the people of Sacramento city and county to retain ownership of the arena . This will give the Maloofs what they need to get this town a championship team right here in Sacramento . We build the arena they will have no excuses .

  4. frank3108 says:

    It would make no sense to move to Anehiem. They have the Lakers and the Clippers have Blake Griffin and are going to improve quickly. They wouldn’t draw any better down there than in Sacramento. Vegas makes even less sense. It is in terrible shape financially and is going to get worse. People can gamble almost everywhere now so their lock on the gamblers is over. KC might be a good choice but people in Sacramento and the surrounding areas need to step up to the plate for a small sales tax increase spread over Sacramento, Placer, Yolo and El Dorado counties and it won’t be enough to worry about.

  5. Alicia says:

    What I don’t understand is that the Maloof’s can afford to move the Kings down to So-Cal, but the wont put any of there money towards building a better area in Sacramento? Something sounds kinda fishy

  6. sadkingsfan says:

    I really want the Kings to stay but I think the Maloofs are JERKS! I’m a season ticket holder and will attend the rest of the games this year, BUT I WILL NOT SPEND ANOTHER PENNY ON PARKING OR CONCESSIONS. Maloofs, you’re not getting anymore of my MONEY!

  7. Michael says:

    Why don’t the Clippers or Lakers move to Anaheim, I always figured that makes more sense. I would prefer the team stay in Sacramento, but if anything I think Seattle should get a team back and Sac should make a shift to St Louis or Kansas City, regionalises everything better.

  8. arcee says:

    The Magoofs are losing so much money, we are told. If magically a plan came together to biuld an arena, it would take, how long? Three years minimum? What would they do in the interim? Keep bleeding. These jerks don’t want to be here and will leave if they get any kind of suitor.

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