SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Hundreds of union workers rallied on the steps of the California Capitol on Saturday to show their support to Wisconsin unions as nearby counter-protesters called for an end to unions, creating a sometimes-tense scene.

The pro-union rally, one of many spearheaded Saturday by the political group, sharply denounced the drive by Wisconsin’s Republican Governor, Scott Walker, to end collective bargaining rights for state workers.

A group of anti-union demonstrators rallied across the street from the California Capitol, holding signs saying government and working families can’t afford unions any more.

The Sacramento Police Department said a counter-protester was assaulted by a pro-union supporter at about 1:45 p.m.

The alleged victim told police the suspect hit him on the hand with a bullhorn and choked him around the neck. The suspect was placed under citizen’s arrest, cited and released at the scene, according to police spokesman Sgt. Norm Leong.

Approximately 70,000 people gathered in Madison, Wisconsin for the biggest protest yet since the political firestorm erupted two weeks ago. Wisconsin Republican lawmakers say they have the votes to pass the bill, which would also force state employees to pay for more of their pension and health care costs, but all 14 Democrat state senators left the state to prevent the vote altogether.

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  1. Jim Freeman says:

    As a part of the group “across the street”, the description of anti-union is inaccurate and unfair. Some of our number are union members, for instance. We are anti-overspending, anti-big government, and therefore in opposition to the unions in many ways.

    1. daniel gonzalez says:

      you lie

      1. Chris Ruch says:


        Your comrades with signs saying “unions = communism” are not anti-union? If your right, and your group is not anti-union, does that mean your comrades are not anti-communists either.

      2. Marcia Parlante says:

        I concur. Jim Freeman — you haven’t a clue and are an absolute embarassment. Totally disgusting, that be YOU! Argggggh.

      3. FDR SAYS NO says:

        Your DEMOCRAT HERO FDR was passionately against collective bargain for government workers…..why are YOU so special?…the rest of us”middle class working families”do not get your bogus pensions and benefits….you are selfish greedy MORONS…..WE ARE GOING TO DISMANTLE BRICK BY BRICK PUBLIC WORKER UNIONS…STARTING WITH WISCONSIN.

    2. Lisa says:

      What is diffrence between “anti-union” and you “opposing the union” ? Does using common sense seam “unfair” to you too?

    3. Judy Kahle says:

      Rather than trying to take the rights of people to protection from dismissal for no cause, lack of due process, forced pay cuts and overtime, fight and work to get them for yourselves. That’s how and why unions (which gave everyone the weekend) were organized in the first place. They weren’t GIVEN to people. People fought and some gave their lives for fair treatment and protection. Don’t try to take it away from others. Organize and fight to get it for yourselves. Our unions would be GLAD to help you.

      1. fenceamerica says:

        everyone gets those things you just described. THEY ARE CALLED LABOR LAWS. THe problem with unions is that they will not negotiate. The gov says “we dont have the money to pay for all your perks, the union responds by saying ‘PAY UP OR WE STRIKE! WE DONT CARE HOW JUST FIGGURE IT OUT”

        And that is the problem. Everyone is making cuts, making adjustments, working longer so that they can keep their income, waching retirement plans crumble and fall to the side But not the unions not them. Do gov employee members forget who writes their checks. Its called civil service not Make myself rich off of someone else’s taxes.

  2. smith says:

    Hi my name is Hitler… I HATE UNIONS!! If you crooks want to do us.. the common worker a favor, STOP taking our – what you call “fareshare” from our paychecks. it is just like a thief coming into my house.

    1. Rene Thoeni says:

      Oh yes now Hitler get’s involved, even so you don’t have a clue about Hitler. Here in California the advertisments on TV are, Oh did you read the Governor is taking away the 11 billions he has promised for our childrens education. Guess what a big percentage of children can’t read or write proper after 12 years of school, so does more money really solve the problem, mind you that more money just is not even there.

      1. lborcz says:

        As a teacher, I guess I should apologize for not teaching you to use the adverb “properly” instead of the adjective “proper” with the verbs read and write. Your correct, that money alone doesn’t improve education, but why would an educated professional take a teaching position without getting paid a fair wage for the job?

      2. fenceamerica says:


        As a teacher you should know that the contraction “you’re” should be used instead of “your”. I believe you meant to say “you are correct”.

        Anyways lets talk about a “fair wage” Average pay for a 9month employed teacher in CA is $59,825. That is money in your paycheck and doesnt account for the insane benefits. Give me a break.

  3. Dale Freeman says:

    If you oppose unions, then do not join one! Leave the rights of others to join them alone! It is not your right to take our rights away!

    1. daniel gonzalez says:

      commonsense rules! you are so on point. why are there so many haters in this country of mine.

    2. Pat Griggs says:

      Well Dale, that would be wonderful but unfortunately this is not a right to work state. Public employee union members make more than private workers, we pay for our pensions and health care, don’t have government job security because government regulation and taxes are driving business out of the state. We are losing our homes and our jobs and are barely making ends meet and you want more of my money so you can live the good life….I don’t have any more money for you so call that what ever political rhetoric you want but I have never thought that paying my bills was a political issue.

      1. Judy Kahle says:

        Rather than trying to take the rights of people to protection from dismissal for no cause, lack of due process, forced pay cuts and overtime, fight and work to get them for yourselves. That’s how and why unions (which gave everyone the weekend) were organized in the first place. They weren’t GIVEN to people. People fought and some gave their lives for fair treatment and protection. Don’t try to take it away from others. Organize and fight to get it for yourselves. Our unions would be GLAD to help you. And almost $1,000 a month comes out of my paycheck and goes into my pension fund. It is not a gift from the taxpayers. We are NOT special interests. We are the people of California, and we ARE taxpayers. Remember that when you try to paint us as the enemy. And when we retire, we pay taxes out of our small retirement. Who makes the 3-figure retirement incomes the media refers to? No one I know or work with. And I also pay a substantial amount of my healthcare. The people you are complaining about are not the average state worker. Again if you resent that we have SOME protection then work with other people to get it for yourselves. Don’t try to take it away from the people who have it.

      2. Pat Griggs says:

        Judy, I know the union drill, did the union organizing and was an officer in my union. I also know that California is broke…the taxpayers are broke and less than 49% of all Californian’s pay taxes. This started over teacher’s benefits in Wisconsin but it has touched a cord with most of us. For one things we have paid and paid and paid for education and we have what for the money. We have a system where those students who graduate with a GPA of 3.25 still rank 23rd in the world. Most of our college bound students have to take remedial courses to do college work. I mean it would be one thing if our kids were at the top and we were getting what we were paying for but a large percentage of our students won’t even graduate from high school. I don’t want to be in a union again and I don’t believe in either party….I think you are just seeing a lot of American’s that are tired of the rhetoric, the spending and the self indulgent unions and politicians. We are forming our own union and it is the union of the Taxpayer Revolt.

      3. fenceamerica says:

        Hey judy, your 1k a month into your pension IS A GIFT FROM THE TAXPAYERS!!!! WE ARE THE ONES PAYING YOUR SALARY!!!!

        Unions dont protect people from “dismisal for no cause, lack of due process, forced pay cuts and overtime” Those things are what we call labor laws. In reality all your union does is hold the employer hostage to get more goodies for itself. With gov employee unions the hostage is the taxpayer. And we dont like it. If the unions are truly about making things better for everyone why dont you all step up and give up your cola untill the unemployment rate comes down? I mean do you really need a raise every year? Im sure your performance in your job isnt getting better every year…. at some point you have to top out.

    3. Randy Gudgel says:

      But the problem is that many places, you cannot be hired without first joining a union. If I want to get a job some place, and I am fine with being paid less, because I don’t want some 3rd party interfering and taking a cut of my pay, then I should be allowed to take that job.

      I shouldn’t have to pay someone so I can have a job.

  4. kevin says:

    This is such a biased report… it makes me sick its so one sided, i hate cbs

    1. Randy Gudgel says:

      The only reason you call it biased, is because it isn’t pro whatever you believe in. I didn’t read any bias in it. I just read a neutral story about a bunch of people who are rallying for some cause, with a mention of a group of people rallying against what the primary rally was about.

      Since when is reporting on facts, somehow a biased opinion? If someone printed a story with a picture of a puppy, and the entire story was just “This is a picture of a puppy”, you would shout that they are showing bias AGAINST kittens, or bias FOR puppies.

      You people are stupid.

  5. RBjay says:

    “Hundreds At Capital Rally to Support WI Unions”. Millions and millions of us (non union people) find it very difficult to sympathize with these protected prima donas. They’re a priveledged and spoiled bunch who call us “scabs” and other expletives despite our qualifications meeting or exceeding thier’s. Welcome to the real world of (supply and demand) market forces, P&L responsibilities, and a declining tax base,… oh yeah, might as well add “the laws of gravity” to the list as well since in reality, it applies to us all. It’s a cold, dark, lonely, world out here. Learn to embrace it like the rest of us.

    1. lborcz says:

      Those of us in unions work for our money. How does that make us prima donas? We pay taxes and pay into our pension programs. I could have made more money working in the private sector, but because I was a single parent, I opted for less salary and a better benefits package. The people who have the most money (read power) are trying (and it appears successfully) to make hard working government employees into scapegoats for the government’s overspending. We are not the enemy, but they try to divert attention from their fiscal mismanagement by pointing the finger of blame at someone else. In an economy where everyone is worried about the future, it is easy to be misled into believing your neighbor is the enemy.

      1. Rene Thoeni says:

        No one claims you should not be paid fair. But union bosses should not be able to use there big wallets to see that there puppet is getting elected so that when it comes to contract bargening they get whatever darn well pleases the union while the comunities are going broke. Und ja Hitler war ein Scheisskopf!

      2. lborcz says:

        Billionaires and big corporations have an overwhelming influence on which politicians get elected and which legislation gets passed. And according to all the latest studies, the rich are getting even richer, which gives them further power. This tactic of pointing blame at the scapegoat group of the week is a move calculated to divert attention from the fact that while our economy is in trouble, the people who make the most money are not suffering, but amassing more wealth. The rest of us working stiffs are left at the bottom, and being played into thinking that their neighbor is somehow responsible because they belong to a union.

      3. fenceamerica says:

        lborcz its not the indivdual thats the problem its the whole dang group. What did u think about the report came out CALSTRS and CALPERS are headed to insolvency fast. What are you going to do? Give some stuff up now or get NOTHING later. Those are teh choices, i know unions hate it when there isnt a choice that gives them MORE stuff but the time of reckoning is coming.

  6. Chris says:

    Liking those Repugs you put back in office? Just wait, it will get worse, much worse.

  7. Michael says:

    I was there. I didn’t see any signs stating Union = Communism. We understand how the Unions are now attempting to do for the TAXPAYER SUPPORTED EMPLOYEE, what they did for employees of the Steel Industry and the American Auto Industry. I am paid to ADD VALUE to my company. You seem to be unclear on that concept. It seems you have been feeding at the public trough far too long. Until you are paying as much for your benefits, healthcare and retirement as we are in the private sector, you will never garner the support and sympathy you seek. We have been TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY, and feathering your nest is not on our “to do” list.

    1. fenceamerica says:

      well put 🙂

  8. Rafael says:

    collective bargaining is not an evil Anyone who supports destroying arguments for working wages or conditions for workplace rules, is undermining the foundation of American culture.

  9. Don says:

    All of us in the private sector holding real jobs and paying taxes have done our best to provide those of you who cannot compete in a capitalist society with a way to make a living. Sorry, out of money we can’t afford you anymore. Many of you will have to wake up, switch gears and try your best to compete in the real world out there.

  10. Carolyn says:

    You seem to be implying that union members don’t work and don’t add value. Where would our society be with out fire protection, police protection, teachers, or healthcare workers? Most of these are union jobs.
    People who work for corporations without unions risk being fired for anything at will. What is wrong with having some protection for yourself and your family?

  11. Bob says:

    When was the last time a union member cared about the rest of us when they went on strike.Its not the company your striking against that pays for your greed after you get what you want.Its all the rest of us who didn’t get a raise to help pay for that cost of products rising after your strike is over.California Teachers Union Teachers can’t seem to inprove their teaching skills no matter how much they get paid.They just use the system as an excuse and keep on wanting more and never improving the education system they hurry to blame for the woes.

  12. STEVE says:

    you people are STUPID it is not a union issue the government waste money the city waste money it has nothing to do with the union people they are paid and have benefits because unions help to get them. If you want MONEY then get the government to go after wallstreet the banks and insurance companys that stole and wasted it in huge bonuses for selling you faulty loans and stocks.

    1. fenceamerica says:

      the union pensions/benefits are ONE of MANY things the gov WASTES money on.

  13. pervin says:

    The more we pay the less we get

    1. s says:

      what if you are talking about union dues if you didnt have them or pay, then you wouldnt be getting a cost of living and paid hollidays or vacation i worked for independant companys and they dont give if they dont have to

      1. fenceamerica says:

        duh! why pay more for the same product??? why should a company pay you more just because the calander moved forward? thats stupid and will eventually kill the company

  14. Jake says:

    I have been a union member at past employers….there is both good and bad with unions…we have reached a point when what unions are asking for hurts the pocket book. anyone with budget experience knows you cant spend what you don’t have. so cuts must be made…look at europe for example…greece ring a bell..its comon sense here folks. i commend the gov for taking harsh steps, but it must be done…soon we in california will be in the same boat. will you all turn on the good dem. gov brown and call him hitler too?

  15. Rene Thoeni says:

    Look at the lunatic’s that scream the laudest and that say’s it all!

    1. lborcz says:

      Shhh…your screaming is a little too loud.

  16. Descarte says:

    Unions + Democrats + Media = lefty Iron Triangle. No one is fooled. Its about power and money. When I want a raise I have to help my employee make a profit.

    When public employee Unions wants a raise they slide a check into a Dems pocket. Dems call for higher taxes, the media parrots and vilifies anyone against the idea. Repeat until broke.

  17. Eric says:

    The Republican Party is doing a very good job distracting what’s really going on by throwing this anti-union sentiment into the mix. What they’re really doing is starting a war within the middle class, making us argue with each other who should be making how much money and why, while they’re still giving huge tax cuts to the rich and corporations. The gap between the middle class and the upper class is spreading at an incredible rate. And I thought that the Republicans swept into office (which thankfully stopped here in California) on the promise of creating jobs!?! I don’t know of 1 single bill the republicans have passed which does that. They’re just treating us like dogs, throwing a piece of meat into the cage and watching us fight for what they’re willing to throw at us.

    1. fenceamerica says:

      they are doing what was asked of them by those who elected them. We realize that gov shouldnt be the job giver, we need to dissmantle the bloated beauracry and get things balanced.


    I remember the California Lottery started in 1985 was supposed to save our educational system….what happened to all the BILLIONS AND BILLIONS…have you noticed they never mention who this money was originally supposed to help…voters forget…and the UNIONS AND DEMOCRATS want more money…more,more,more…and our kids are dumber,dumber and dumber…why?..NO DISCIPLINE ..LIBERAL TEACHERS AND ADMINISTRATORS who allow sagging pants and are afraid of getting sued by these little brats…. and these “TEACHERS” WANT MORE AND MORE….THE ANSWER BY US TAXPAYERS IS ….NO…HELL,NO….make them learn,you limp wristed liberal teachers.

  19. David M says:

    Please read the Krugman column from the Sacramento Bee yesterday. This is not only about the right to organize and collective bargaining, but also about the hidden agenda that Walker has that is not so hidden now. Be informed on who some folks are trying to divide.

  20. MG Electric says:

    Hats off to the hard working people who are members of the union. I am a hard
    working person and not a union member. My salary is based on my performance
    and quality. There salary is based on a scale. equal the playing field and things
    will improve. Unions spend to much on politicians to get things they want and so
    does other non union people. I say let everyone go by the same labor laws already in place. Fair across the board.

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