By Ron Jones

MANTECA, Calif. (CBS13) — A woman was able to hold on to a vehicle’s hood for dear life for more than 40 miles when her husband allegedly floored the accelerator after a domestic argument, authorities said.

The Manteca Police Department said 36-year-old Christopher Michael Carroll attacked his wife shortly after midnight on February 26 and stormed out of the house, getting into the family minivan and pulling out of the driveway.

His wife, who asked not to be identified, chased him outside and stood in front of the vehicle in an attempt to block him.

“She jumped on the hood, and that’s when her adventure started,” said Manteca police spokesman Rex Osborn.

Carroll allegedly stepped on the gas and sped through the streets of Manteca until he reached Interstate 205, authorities said. His wife clung to the minivan’s windshield wiper and side mirror as the vehicle accelerated to more than 100 MPH.

Carroll allegedly didn’t slow down until he reached Pleasanton, more than 40 miles away, according to witness reports to police

“There’s a purpose that I’m still alive, because it was a miracle,” the victim said.

The woman was able to roll off the hood safely when Carroll finally pulled over, and due to the 45 degree temperatures and high speeds, she was suffering from hypothermia when emergency crews found her.

Carroll is in custody in the San Joaquin County Jail. He has been charged with attempted murder.

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  1. non says:

    wow, I don’t think I can do that. But in this situation, it is a life and death, poor woman. Dont do that again.

    1. Brett says:

      You are a disgusting individual.

    2. Boris Yeltsin says:

      Ya learn something new everyday!

    3. Roberta says:


    4. Linz says:

      Simple solution……..”DRIVE THROUGH CAR WASH”

    5. Fred says:

      Darwin was cheated, 100 years from now California will be populated with psychos who jump onto cars during domestic arguments

    6. khpdave says:

      A couple of things here just don’t ring as clear as they should:

      1) Holding onto a moving vehicle for 15 minutes is an amazing feat for someone in excellent condition- 40 minutes is unbelievable. The constant shifting of enertial forces coupled with tensed muscles is very quickly very exhausting.

      2) The windchill factor for 45 degrees at just 30 mph is 35 degrees – At 100 mph its less than 29 degrees. Add this stress to that noted above and this account of events just isn’t possible.

      1. Think says:

        Where did you get “fourty minutes”? Re-read the article.

      2. khpdave says:

        Boy, you got me there. My points are completely invalid and I humbly take them back.

      3. AWA says:

        (Think) – he got 40 minutes from the video.

  2. jon smith says:

    the driver was just rushing to get him and his wife to see Snow White On Ice

  3. pynaetlb says:

    I wonder why she thought she had to do that? The minivan sure isn’t worth risking your life for. She must be just as crazy as her husband, who will hopefully spend some time in jail.

  4. Tommy Boy says:

    Wow….That sounds like an “E” ticket ride. Where does the line start?

  5. Dave says:

    Please leave stunts like this to professionals… like William Shatner.

  6. Pete says:

    A new kind of hood ornament?

  7. Spartan says:

    His DEFENSE: She was very upset. I was trying to get her help as fast as I could!

  8. jeff d says:

    Wow, tough crowd here. While I agree stepping in front of a moving car is stupid, the husband is probably going to jail for a long time for being more stupid.

  9. Tater says:

    WOW! A minivan that can go 100!

    1. andrew says:

      yeah, 0 to 100 in 40 miles.

    2. Ken Groth says:

      I wonder what model it is. Too bad they didn’t mention that in the article then this reply session would have moved in a completely different direction. LMAO!

  10. Chuck D. says:

    I can’t believe the numb brained people who blame the victim. Bless her for having the strength to avoid being killed by a nut who needs to rot in jail.

    1. Ryan says:

      Are you kidding me? Nobody made her jump on that hood, if this had been a horror movie she would’ve been the deranged killer and the husband would’ve been terrified victim driving for his dear life.

      Both are insanely stupid. The husband deserves jail time but the wife doesn’t deserve any sane person’s sympathy.

      1. jess says:

        The article is not very specific. But it sounds like he was going to steal the only car she had. And it sounds like she has kids. So yeah, I definitely would have tried to stop him stealing the car. I’m assuming she stood in front of it to stop it, and he plowed into her, forcing her to hold onto the hood for dear life.

      2. Ryans ex wife says:

        You are Insanely Stupid!

      3. James Bacon says:

        WHY is the husband stupid? IN ANY DOMESTIC VIOLENCE SITUATION, the POLICE will always ask the MAN to leave the residence. IF he was TRYING to leave, and SHE JUMPED on the HOOD OF THE CAR, that makes HER the STUPID one.
        THERE is NO LOGICAL REASON for HER to jump on the hood. EVEN if SHE HAD KIDS.
        “Oh my god officer, I had to jump on the car hood. MY HUSBAND (who also owns the car) was leaving the house after an argument, SO I had every right to endanger myself, and forcibly stop him from leaving.
        I was married to such a woman. I didn’t drive off though. IT was MY CAR. AND every time I stopped, she got off. BUT when I started to leave again, SHE hopped back on. Sounds the same this woman did.
        TRUE, the guy was stupid for driving away with her. HE should have drove to a nearby convenience store, called the cops,and SHE would’ve been arrested for attempted KIDNAPPING.

      4. M says:

        @Jess, Some imagination… No where does it mention kids or only one vehicle in the family.

        Actually California defines domestic violence as blocking someone’s access to leave. Both should be cited. He should have locked the doors on the van and waited her out. She can not stand there forever.

      5. Ryan's ex wifes gynecologist says:

        Help! I’ve fallen in, and I can’t get out.

    2. PW says:

      She is an idiot and should be charged for jumping on his hood and endangering his safety. She must not have been attacked very bad if she was chasing him. He was trying to get away. She should have let him leave. You are stupid to think that she is the only victim look at the big cut on his face.

    3. Jim B says:

      Interesting. Here’s a scenario…woman is in a minivan trying to get away from a domestic dispute. Husband jumps on hood of the minivan and terorizes her as she tries to drive away. She eventually has to pull over after 40 miles and waits for him to jump off the hood. Who is the victim???? Some of you need your own special help.

    4. Ken Groth says:

      OK, once she was on the vehicle I give her kudos for hanging on at high speeds but c’mon, why on earth would she follow her husband out of the house after a domestic dispute when he was trying to leave the situation and jump on a moving vehicle? My guess is this is exactly why she doesn’t want her name disclosed. SHE KNOWS IT WAS STUPID AND IRRESPONSIBLE! Yes, he should have stopped and let her remove herself from the vehicle but my guess is she would have continued the fight and he probably would have been charged with domestic violence anyway. Maybe she would have been charged too.

    5. echo says:

      Limp D’s like you are the reason these idiot women think this is appropriate behavior. He wanted to leave, she wasn’t finished being an ass yet.

    6. Chris says:

      How do you know she was “the victim”?
      You have no clue, did she chase him out the house with a meat cleaver?
      In which case, he would be justified, for fear of stopping!
      People speak with such arrogance, presuming to be qualified to judge the actions, or motives of others, based on just a few “reported” details!

  11. Rube Goldburg says:

    me thinks the clothes dryer in the house quit working so this was an way to kill two birds with one stone, he could blow the carbon out of the mini-vans engine – and dry the little womans clothing at the same time, good thinking!!!!!!!

    1. andrew says:

      “me thinks”….


  12. Ryan says:

    Hopefully they haven’t or won’t be having kids either separately or together. Both are complete raving idiots.

  13. Rerun says:

    Reminds me of Debra Jo Scott in Police Academy.

    1. MightyDesignStudio says:

      I was thinking the same thing, haven’t I seen this in a movie already?

  14. Jason says:

    Hilarious, the comments above! Truthfully, they both should be locked away – her in the nut house and him in jail.

    1. James Bacon says:

      I disagree. HE shouldn’t be in jail. HE should be cited for Driving with her that way, but he was LEAVING a domestic violence situation.

  15. schufly says:

    I thought Charlie Sheen lived in Hollywood.

  16. leet says:

    When two fools marry and reproduce, what do you get? Who stands in front of a car with their body trying to stop it? On what planet can a human body stop a car? Especially one driven by an angry spouse.

    1. jess says:

      I don’t know about your spouse, but if we got in an argument and I stood in front of him to stop me, the last thing he would do is run me over. It wouldn’t even be in the list of options in his head. Seriously, what is with the relationships out there??

      1. echo says:

        Yea Jess, test that theory, she did. She and you both need a spanking since acting like a child seems to be your plan.

    2. Pete says:

      Answer: On planet Krypton.

  17. Jack says:

    If I were that girl’s father, I would kick some serious exhusband a_s.

    1. echo says:

      Maybe you should have taught your daughter how to be a lady instead.

      1. wright says:

        echo you sound like an abusive person. sure the lady as really stupid jumping on the car. and yes the man was leaving. but your comments sound like you are one angry person .probably a man……… they both should be locked up. and you need some help too

  18. LJV says:

    It is irrational to stand in front of the car of a person you have just had a fight with when they are determined o leave. Lock her up too, she’s nuts as well.

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