By Ron Jones

MANTECA, Calif. (CBS13) — A woman was able to hold on to a vehicle’s hood for dear life for more than 40 miles when her husband allegedly floored the accelerator after a domestic argument, authorities said.

The Manteca Police Department said 36-year-old Christopher Michael Carroll attacked his wife shortly after midnight on February 26 and stormed out of the house, getting into the family minivan and pulling out of the driveway.

His wife, who asked not to be identified, chased him outside and stood in front of the vehicle in an attempt to block him.

“She jumped on the hood, and that’s when her adventure started,” said Manteca police spokesman Rex Osborn.

Carroll allegedly stepped on the gas and sped through the streets of Manteca until he reached Interstate 205, authorities said. His wife clung to the minivan’s windshield wiper and side mirror as the vehicle accelerated to more than 100 MPH.

Carroll allegedly didn’t slow down until he reached Pleasanton, more than 40 miles away, according to witness reports to police

“There’s a purpose that I’m still alive, because it was a miracle,” the victim said.

The woman was able to roll off the hood safely when Carroll finally pulled over, and due to the 45 degree temperatures and high speeds, she was suffering from hypothermia when emergency crews found her.

Carroll is in custody in the San Joaquin County Jail. He has been charged with attempted murder.

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  1. Mason says:

    Hereticmonk, loved the car wash comment. Well played.

  2. Bob says:

    And to think, these people probably have the vote.

    1. Tom says:

      Seriously! The 19th Amendment was a HUGE mistake!

  3. Rochetmann says:

    Vermont IS a state you knucklehead!

  4. James says:

    SO, a woman who is a supposed “victim” follows her ‘abuser’ and jumps on the hood of the car. WHILE he shouldn’t have driven off with her attached, I don’t think she is 100% victim. She helped perpetuate the incident by pursuing him.
    IF he is convicted of domestic violence, He better get a better lawyer.
    AS for the man, HE was leaving. ERGO, not pushing the incident.

  5. BobbyGibby says:

    I bet she still didn’t SHUT UP and hung on to the hood just so she could keep yapping at him.

    1. Mike says:

      Exactly what I was thinking…I can just hear it … “…and another thing, when you DIDN’T give me flowers on the 5th anniversary of our first handshake – I knew then… “

  6. buzz-light-rod says:

    I’m sorry, but he was trying to leave, and she attempted to keep him against his will.
    She should be charged with kidnapping, as a minimum. What kind of rage in a person, the woman, would possibly cause them to think they can stop a truck?
    At best, they should both be in jail or a sanitarium.

  7. Detter says:

    Well that was smart.

  8. Greg says:

    It appears he was trying to extract himself from this relationship, She was guilty of jumping on his hood but that isnt a crime. he was Guilty of endangering her Life when he drove off with her attached to the hood. in that he put her life in mortal danger, She no longer had control of her situation he had total control of the situation. The car wash Idea was classic, Ill have to keep that in mind should a crazy person attach themselves to my hood.

    1. Rufus Levin says:

      Something wrong with merely slowing down and stopping?

  9. Lance Manly says:

    What an idiot.

    First off; why these two both have issues.

    Never jump on a hood or stand in front of a person who is extemely pi-ssed off at you. Fortunate to be alive.. definately, but she could have just let him drive away.

    Obviously, the guy is even a bigger idiot. Simply park the car and walk away. If not possibly; call cops to restrain the woman.

    These two definately deserve each other.

    1. Rufus Levin says:

      If the guy ever gets any sense at all, he should NEVER go to sleep when she is nearby in the future….Payback might be Lorena Bobbitt copycat.

  10. Fridley Wallheimer says:

    I think that car manufacturers should be required to design car hoods so that a person can’t grab ahold of them while the vehicle is in motion. If it prevents one more incident like this in the future, the cost will be worth it.

    1. Kyle says:

      I disagree. All cares should come with hand holds and foot pads so that women can be safe while nagging their abusers. If it saves just one life it will be worth it.

      1. Fridley Wallheimer says:

        I love it. Yes you are right. We (the elites of society) cannot prevent the idiots who cannot think for themselves from jumping on the hood of a car, therefore we should require the manufacturers to at least make it a safer experience. But they should put a lable on the hood: CAUTION SERIOUS INJURY OR DEATH COULD RESULT FROM HANGING ONTO THE HOOD WHILE VEHICLE IS IN MOTION. If it saves just one life it is worth it!!!

  11. Rufus Levin says:

    This guy needed to experience a “Rodney King Moment” from the arresting officers.

  12. Jimmy says:

    You know, while the guy was wrong, the lady was pretty stupid to jump on the hood in the first place. Let the guy go… Think before you latch onto the thing he just started and pulled forward in.. She was married to him so she had to know he was capable of something like this…

  13. Mythbuster says:

    So is there anyone who can actually confirm this story? Because I highly doubt this happened – Mythbusters did a segment on holding onto the roof and hood of a car, like in movies, they did it at 45mph and they couldn’t hold on for more than a few minutes. I call BS on this.

  14. Rufus Levin says:


  15. Allan says:

    Awesome! White Trash arguments are great. So he finds out she’s getting boned by a neighbor, he goes ape shiite and in her attempt to keep her man from leaving, she jumps on the hood of the van like a movie stunt. I’m sure alcohol was involved or they both are plain crazy. Basically she double-dog dared him with that hood move. The triple dog-dare always trumps…BAH!

  16. justavoter says:

    It appears the people making these comments are kin to Carroll by the way they trash Carroll’s wife. Carroll’s wife is a human being for heaven’s sake and that van could have been the only transportation available to keep her job. Who knows?

    1. Tom says:

      Meanwhile, in Chino Hills, a 42 year old woman is crushed to death trying to keep her car from being repossessed. If your assertion is correct, then the same diminished level of mental capability was on display in both situations.

    2. Normal in NH says:

      She made an emotional and foolish decision.

    3. Martha says:

      stupid is as stupid does forrest gump

  17. alanwillingham says:

    Well… she hung in there and stayed with her man… he was almost the one who got away…..

  18. justavet says:

    Vermont, a one time country (look it up) has been a state since the late 1700’s. Although some folks now refer to it as The Peoples Republic of Vermont (it leans so far left, Bernie Sanders, one of their Senators, is an admitted socialist).. (I lived there for 15 years)

    On to these two idiots and the idiotic statements here, I have concluded not to argue any of the points. When you argue with idiots, they bring you down to their level and win the argument by experience…

    1. ADM says:

      My, aren’t you SPECIAL!

    2. Tom says:

      Let me see if we are getting this right. YOU don’t know that Vermont is a state by implying that you don’t know in which state Vermont is. Then you try to defend your ignorance by stating that a couple hundred years ago Vermont was an idependent country (for, like, 14 years and was never really recognized as one by any other country).

      With all that ignorance piled up against you, you decide to label OTHERS as the idiots.


      Sometimes you look the bigger man just coming out and saying you were wrong. Or, saying nothing.

      Just sayin’!

      1. ADM says:

        No Tom, I’m the guy who said what state is Vermont in, not justavet. I was being facitious because it is a liberal, nothing state with a big ego. It’s rather pathetic when their bureaucrats go to Boston area colleges and beg students to stay in Vermont if they are guaranteed jobs when they graduate. I live next door in New Hampshire.

      2. Tom says:

        I wasn’t replying to you ADM. I was replying to justavet.

  19. joe says:

    That woman is as smart as OJ Simpsons next girlfriend.

  20. John says:

    When it is a brawl at the iHop or Denny’s I think Black People, but I got to say, as soon as I read this headline I thought White People. Both are unfortunate and should not happen, yet still funny. Jasonn’s comment was funny too.

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