By Ron Jones

MANTECA, Calif. (CBS13) — A woman was able to hold on to a vehicle’s hood for dear life for more than 40 miles when her husband allegedly floored the accelerator after a domestic argument, authorities said.

The Manteca Police Department said 36-year-old Christopher Michael Carroll attacked his wife shortly after midnight on February 26 and stormed out of the house, getting into the family minivan and pulling out of the driveway.

His wife, who asked not to be identified, chased him outside and stood in front of the vehicle in an attempt to block him.

“She jumped on the hood, and that’s when her adventure started,” said Manteca police spokesman Rex Osborn.

Carroll allegedly stepped on the gas and sped through the streets of Manteca until he reached Interstate 205, authorities said. His wife clung to the minivan’s windshield wiper and side mirror as the vehicle accelerated to more than 100 MPH.

Carroll allegedly didn’t slow down until he reached Pleasanton, more than 40 miles away, according to witness reports to police

“There’s a purpose that I’m still alive, because it was a miracle,” the victim said.

The woman was able to roll off the hood safely when Carroll finally pulled over, and due to the 45 degree temperatures and high speeds, she was suffering from hypothermia when emergency crews found her.

Carroll is in custody in the San Joaquin County Jail. He has been charged with attempted murder.

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  1. zzzzzzzz says:

    You need to have your teeth kicked in.

  2. zzzzzzzz says:

    That message was not meant for uou Sam Micu

  3. Mark says:

    The story is not believable. A minivan could never come close to 100 mph.

  4. Kip Noxzema says:

    Obviously, they both need out of that relationship.

    It looks like the problem took care of itself, too.

    He’s gonna be away from her for a very long time.

  5. Texas says:

    If he was really trying to kill her, all he had to do was hit the brakes… once. I believe they both suffer from stupidity and anger issues. The charges to him should be changed to reckless endangerment, and she should be charged with something along those lines as well. Let us remember “the poor victim” jumped on the hood of a moving vehicle… to absolve her of blame is like saying someone who jumps in front of a bullet should not have been shot.

  6. fed3rd says:

    I quess she couldn’t find her 9 iron. (Tiger reference)

  7. Ms Ogeny Rulez says:

    Next time just make the GD sammich.

    1. tenstrings says:


  8. Jake says:

    B I N G O

  9. Big Tent says:

    His defense will be he just thought she was a big bug

  10. Steve says:

    I don’t see what crime this guy committed. This crazy woman jumped on HIS car. That was HER choice. He had no obligation to stop. Period.

  11. googoogaga says:

    These women are coming out of the woodwork.
    This one wasn’t so lucky…

  12. Cathy says:

    Driving in a neighborhood, stopping, speeding on a freeway WITHA A HUMAN BEING ON TOP OF THE VEHICLE and not one Law Enforcement official saw the vehicle, not one person called it in.

    I drive the speed limit but forget to turn on my headlights in the rain on a brought day, and get pulled over. $72 ticket..

  13. anon says:

    And, yes Brett, I am!!! lol

  14. Horice says:

    Your comment is one dumb comment.

    1. echo says:

      no, yours is.

      1. schmoe says:

        wow. what did she do>?

    2. Maurice says:

      Um, how could the wife be ANY dumber?

  15. discovega says:

    Obviously both these idiot people are democrats and obama supporters…really stupied…welcome to America

  16. Ken Groth says:

    Yea, and then claims that she is here for some divine purpose????? She is just lucky that the windshield wipers held out – NITWIT! Her husband’s no Einstein either. These two deserve each other……

  17. Ken Groth says:

    Please tell me she was wearing a robe and house slippers. That is the one thing that would make this “news” fit into the over the top category. What a couple of idiots.

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