SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The release of 10,000 red balloons in San Francisco to promote a new video game is drawing criticism from local environmentalists.

   The San Francisco Chronicle reports that THQ, a Southern California video game company, released the balloons Wednesday during a game developers’ conference downtown.

   They were part of an effort to promote a video game in which the United States is invaded by troops from North Korea. According to THQ, the balloon release simulated a method used by South Korea to send messages of hope to North Korea.

   But wind and rain pushed thousands of the balloons into San Francisco Bay.

   Amy Ricard, a spokeswoman for the environmental group Save the Bay, says they amount to pollution and littering.

   THQ says the balloons were completely biodegradable, and it has retained a cleanup crew to remove any lingering debris.

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  1. Johnny says:


    1. rmcsticks says:

      Johnny : so your one of those people that belive everyone but you should help clean up after themself…how sad…

      1. Tom says:

        So you must be one of those that dosen’t creat garbage dam liberal

    2. Thai says:

      Watch out, your stupidity is showing

    3. Michelle says:

      How about the fact that animals could choke on the pieces that go into the water?

  2. rmcsticks says:

    fine the company for being that stupid and not giving a damn,Profit over the enviirment..this will be what puts this world in a backwards tail spin to the Ice Age.. Remember This…The salution to polution is not dilution

  3. Bob says:

    rmcsticks, get off the computer and go hug a tree. I’m sure the trees willl appreciate you more than the readers of your ignorant comments.
    Johhny, I agree with you completely! Lol

  4. coach says:

    Of course the answer to the problem isn’t ignorance either mcsticks learn how to

  5. Ghost says:

    As a gamer, I will pass on this purchase. First off, I don’t like the idea of a current US threat being shown as an invader to the US and taking over the western states. Has anybody seen the live action trailer where Salt Lake City is bombed? Kinda disgusting. Now they are dumping trash all over the bay to promote the same distasteful game…COD: Black Ops will still kick their virtual butts in sales and following.

  6. Laura M. Rebelo says:

    So sad that they only have games of war. Nothing good is coming from those games. Our youths are going trough a lot of junk already. Please think about the future. The company should be fined for all that trash and people should also boycotting the game. DO NOT BUY.

    1. Bob says:

      So I’m assuming you dont let your kids (if you have any) watch tv? What about the internet? People that blame games for their kids being violent or for destroying their kids’ future are nothing short of crazy. Last time I checked it’s up to the parents to raise their kids with respect, decency, knowledge, etc. to blame a game or anything else for the outcome of their kid(s) is ludicris! Parents need to take some responsibility here.

      1. NasyNesto says:

        I echo on that Bob, teach and discipline your kids the right way. A game does not change a kid, society does, thats when parents come into the picture to regulate.

  7. skip gainer says:

    I thought San Francisco people where worried about the environment. What happened to the green planet protectionist who as long as they do this they will not hurt our environment. These are the same. people who complain about pollution and man made climate warming. Or as dictionary explains people with delusional reaction to a proven lie. Ca. should have a getting rid of tree huggers season!

  8. Spelling says:

    It’s sad how people no longer seem to know or care to spell simple words correctly.

  9. Anthony C says:

    Spelling: don’t think you should be saying “its sad how people no longer seem to know or care to spell simple words correctly.” tht their don’t know how to spell things right, cos you don’t know if tht person is dyslexic, so its not their fault and i am one of those ppl. also if thts what your saying, then they people ain’t aloud to voice their opinions?

  10. Amber Holt says:

    It’s just irresponsible. It’s like throwing a bottle of soda out of your window onto the freeway, or throwing other items on the ground instead of picking it up and disposing of it in a proper waste receptacle. There are other ways to make an advertising statement without puking in a bay. It’s gross.

  11. i cava says:

    This whole balloon thing is stupid! THQ didn’t just throw thrash away or anything like that. This was a justified political and advertising act they made. THQ also released only biodegradable balloons while hiring a clean up crew to pick up any left debris. So if you want to compare this to throwing thrash on the floor that is just straight ignorance. 🙂

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