YOLO COUNTY (CBS13) – Sheep farmers don’t like coyotes.  Coyotes kill sheep.  Turns out, donkeys don’t like coyotes either and one local farmer is using that animosity to his advantage. 

“Rancher Jim” has tried almost everything to keep coyotes off his property and away from his sheep.  Now he’s calling in the special forces.

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She may be stubborn but Jennifer the donkey knows her place.  She was raised with the sheep and does her best to protect them.

“Well, donkeys, they don’t like canines so they’ll go after dogs, they’ll go after coyotes,” explained Yolo County Sheep Rancher Jim Yeager.

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Jennifer is one bad ‘a$$’ bodyguard.  Jim says he’s never lost a sheep on her watch.

“I’ve gone out in real foggy days and you can’t see anything and the donkey will ‘hee-haw’ and all the sheep will run to the donkey.  I think that a kind of impressive situation.  So they know ‘we’re going to head to our protector,” said Yeager

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Jim says the idea using burros as bodyguards has been around for decades.  And Jenny isn’t the only animal Jim uses to protect his sheep,  he also uses a llama.