WOODLAND, Calif. (CBS13) — Two men have admitted to an unprovoked attack that left a cab driver with serious injuries, and one of the suspects admitted the assault was a hate crime.

Natomas resident Pedro Ramirez, 32, and West Sacramento resident Johnny Morales, Jr., 33, plead no contest to felony assault for the November 28 attack on Harbhajan Singh, a Sikh taxi driver who transported the two suspects from Harlow’s Bar.

Ramirez called the driver a Muslim and shouted racial epithets before attacking him, punching him at least 10 times in the face. Morales joined the attack and began punching the man from behind.

Singh suffered multiple lacerations and fractures in his face and a broken spine, authorities said. Detectives tracked down the suspects by locating a fingerprint in the victim’s blood inside the car.

Ramirez admitted his attack was a hate crime and agreed to a 13-year prison sentence as part of a plea deal. Morales could face a year in jail and will be put on probation.

The two men will be sentenced on April 1.

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  1. Timothy G Twomey says:

    13 years iss not enough!

  2. renaldo perez says:

    good riddance. these people are predators who have lost their privlage of living in society. they should be put away indefinately for violating that poor mans rights and attacking him based on his appearance. he wasnt even a muslim. how pathetic

  3. Mike says:

    Hey i am just responding to Timothy G Twomey!!!
    You are right that is not enough!!!They will come out and do that again!!!
    I think it should be more like 20 years!!!

  4. Jamie says:

    “Detectives tracked down the suspects by locating a fingerprint in the victim’s blood inside the car.”

    Don’t you mean “a finger OF the victim’s blood”? If not, anyone wanna explain to me how that’s possible? .__.

  5. RC says:

    Uh… pretty self explanatory, The suspect touched a spot where the victims blood was and left his print.

  6. blah says:

    put this low life people behind bar for good 13 years is not enough….

  7. james says:

    They are for a better life remember? then they will take you out.

  8. Tom says:

    WEELL I wonder are the illegles DEPORT them like the law say’s they should OOOOOOH! wait you liberals say lets hold them pet them and buy them a house they can’t speak english they didn’t know better this is why America is going down the tubes . Pack all these radicals up put them on a sinking ship bye bye

  9. blahblah says:

    @Tom…Although thier actions were wrong. These are both english speaking american citizens. Just because they are mexican does not mean that they don’t speak english. Your remarks sound almost like you are a racist as well.

    Just another english speaking mexican american citizen.

  10. Drew D. says:

    I know “Pete” Ramirez personally. I have no idea what all happened that night other than what I have read. Pete did something he can’t take back. Not only has he ruined his own life, but that of his wife and family. This isn’t the Pete that I know. He is quiet, fun to be around. This proves what too much alcohol can do to some people. I know Pete, and if there was anything in the world he could do to take that night back, he would do it. He is a man that will now live with the consequences of what he did.
    I hope Harbhajan Singh can somehow forgive him and move on with his life as well.
    As for the people that commented above that thought it would be fun to add to the racial B.S., get a life. Pete speaks English. Pete made a mistake and will be paying for that drunken night until he is 45 years old. So learn something here idiots. I don’t have time for racial B.S. . None of us do. Learn or else history will keep repeating itself.

  11. Drew D. says:

    Update….”Pete” Ramirez will be 55 years old when he gets out. Wrong age listed for him.

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