SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A man arrested for groping women on an airplane after landing at Sacramento International Airport denied any misconduct in an interview with CBS13.

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Daniel Slagle, 35, was detained by airport deputies after a woman accused him of grabbing her and other woman after his Southwest Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Sacramento landed.

Investigators say he was accused of grabbing the backsides of various women and blurting out “You got booty,” a claim Slagle fiercely denied.

“She says I touched her or fondled her or something. I looked at her and said, ‘I didn’t touch you, lady,’” Slagle said. “I did not touch multiple butts at all, and I’m flabbergasted.”

Slagle admitted he had been drinking on the flight, but said intentionally grabbing another woman against her will is completely out of his character. “I don’t care how drunk I am,” he said.

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During the interview, Slagle said he isn’t exactly sure how events unfolded.

“Maybe somebody pushed me and I grabbed her on accident; her shoulders or something, I don’t know,” Slagle said.

Sacramento County Sheriff’s Deputy Jason Ramos said Slagle’s inebriation wouldn’t excuse the allegations.

“Certainly wouldn’t dismiss her from being a victim because a person had some alcohol,” Ramos said.

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Slagle is facing misdemeanor sexual battery charges.