GALT, Calif. (CBS13) — School officials haven’t had any luck tracking down the creator of a Facebook page dedicated to insulting students at one local school, and authorities say they can’t do anything about it until threats are made.

The so-called “Liberty Ranch Burnpage” delivered profanity-laced insults against students at Liberty Ranch High School, specifically naming students in its derogatory rants.

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Liberty Ranch principal Brian Deis said he’s spent the past two weeks trying to track down the page’s author.

“They are vicious attacks and the person is using anonymity to say some very, very mean things,” Deis said. “They’re giving the school a bad name. As far as we can tell, they’re not even a student at this high school.”

Some of the posts on the page claim specific students are homosexuals with sexually transmitted diseases, and other posts claim a student’s mother is going to die because of her weight.

Other posts by the page’s creator said, “This is going to ruin people’s lives,” and, “I love how im ruining peoples high school carreers.” [sic]

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The Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department said they can’t take action against the page’s creator because no threats were made and no crime was committed.

Parents said they sent dozens of requests to Facebook to ask for the page to be removed. CBS13 sent a request for an interview through Facebook to the page’s creator, but just a few minutes later, the page was no longer accessible.

It is unclear if the author or Facebook removed the page.

Principal Deis sent a letter home to parents encouraging them to check on their children’s internet habits.

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If the creator of that Facebook page is discovered to be a Liberty Ranch student, he or she could face expulsion.