SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – The man accused of setting a fire that caused more than $50 million in damage to the Westfield Roseville Galleria has entered a guilty plea in federal court this morning.

Alexander Piggee, 24, plead guilty to setting a fire at a Wal-Mart store that caused minor damage and the fire at the Galleria.  Both fires were set on Oct. 21 of last year.  He also entered a guilty plea for a third fire that he set in Sacramento County.

He was first charged with arson by the County of Roseville; however, those charges were dropped when the federal indictment was handed down charging him with two counts of arson.

In return for the guilty pleas, he will be sentenced to 10 years in federal prison, and waives his right to an appeal.

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  1. Plain Facts says:

    Only 10 years??? Geez, was that the minimum ?? With that “light” sentence, he will be out in 3 – 5 years. What a joke our system has become.

    1. PubDef says:

      There is no good time credit or parole in the federal system. He will serve all ten years.

    2. Fred says:

      Nobody got killed or seriously hurt. Personally, I think 10 years would be an eternity. H will have spent 1 third of his like in prison. I don’t really want to pay to househim, feed him, and take care of his medical expenses for more than that

      1. Codi says:

        Fred, I agree. People that kill children sometimes get less years in prison.
        I have heard of people who steal pizzas and get a third strike and get sent
        to prison for life. How can a piece of pizza be worth more than a child’s life,
        for goodness sakes? I have Autism and I’m like a 4 1/2 – 5 year old emotionally
        and socially, and I even don’t think it makes sense. You just made the point –
        no one got killed or seriously hurt. Prison, jail….maybe. But 10 years?? Don’t
        you think that’s too much?? Yes, you’ll have to pay to house him and feed
        him, and take care of his medical expenses, PLUS the end product might
        be even worse. The prisoners will probably rape him or beat him if he isn’t
        in protective custody, or…they might teach him how to do even worse
        things, and in a few years, he might be out of prison, but arrested for
        a heinous murder. I’m sorry, but I just don’t want to pay for that. But since
        society wanted him to go to prison for 10 years, then they must have
        wanted the end product too. Oh well…

  2. the truth says:

    yes just horrible. if i steal 50 mil would i only get 10 yrs if i agree to a plea deal. makes one think. this waste of life set 3 fires which totaled over 50 million and was happy about what he had done. i say burn his ass! save the tax payers some money. we’re already broke and going to be even worse off after we help pay for the mall to be fixed.

  3. Howard Beal says:

    There’s a Walmart in the Galleria? Roseville County? Hire an editor. sheesh.

    1. Greg says:

      You’re half right, but anyway, no need to be a grammar nazi, we all know what they mean. Would love to hear your viewpoint on the actual story as that would contribute more meaningful information. Gotta love those who post for the sake of correcting grammar.

      From Urban Dictionary:
      Grammar Nazi: Someone who believes it’s their duty to attempt to correct any grammar and/or spelling mistakes they observe.

    2. Codi says:

      “Alexander Piggee, 24, plead guilty to setting a fire at a Wal-Mart store”.

      If you want to be a grammer nazi, how about that?? It should be Alexander
      Piggee PLEADED guilty, not PLEAD. Someone who was writing this article
      didn’t even take the time to spellcheck because he was so pressed for time
      to get this stupid article out. Geez, ask a 5 year old and they know better
      punctuation. The editor must have just graduated from preschool or something.
      I have Autism and I’m emotionally and socially like a 5 year old, and I wouldn’t
      even make that mistake.

      – Codi

    3. Codi says:

      “He was first charged with arson by the County of Roseville”.

      OMG, I didn’t even see that till now!! Roseville is a County? Roseville is
      a city. And Roseville is in PLACER County!! Did they get a toddler to write
      this article?? I can’t believe how many mistakes were made writing this
      article!! I live in the Bay Area and even I know Roseville is a city and the
      county is Placer County. Of course, though, I have Autism and I have a BA
      degree in Geography and I know where everywhere is (I’m a walking
      atlas, totally, I find mistakes in atlases all the time), but this is beyond
      belief. Maybe CBS Sacramento should hire me to be their editor. I don’t
      have a job right now, so I could really use the extra money aside from
      Social Security. And there is no Wal Mart in the Galleria at Roseville, and
      I’ve been there. Hmmm maybe they wrote the wrong thing. Maybe he
      wasn’t sentenced to 10 years….maybe he got probation?? Who knows…
      since they made so many mistakes writing this….heh.

      Codi from the Bay Area, CA

    4. Grammer says:

      Serously..I have never seen more people worried abuot the gramatical errors in an article. The point is to get the story out. And by the way– the article says, “Alexander Piggee, 24, plead guilty to setting a fire at a Wal-Mart store that caused minor damage AND the fire at the Galleria” End Quote. Plead is perfectly fine as past tense. You can use either but plead guilty is not gramatically incorrect.

  4. Kris says:

    This guy was BEGGING for help. BEGGING. He said aliens were coming to get his sister and she was being held hostage in the mall. He had been to several hospitals and RELEASED after 24 hours because he couldn’t pay to be in a mental health facility. And you think 10 years in prison is going to help the situation? Our system IS a joke because instead of helping him, they’re only going to make him worse. He’ll get out and do the same thing, or worse. He needs to be in a mental institution, not in prison.

    1. the truth says:

      yet he was found competent to stand trial. when he was delusional he was probably on crack or meth. makes sense because he also admitted being wrong in setting the fires. so he understands consequences from his actions. he wasnt begging for mental health he was begging for a room and a bed that will also include 3 meals a day. i say mission accomplished for 10 yrs

    2. Greg says:

      Agree. In a federal prison, he’ll be with a lot of VERY violent offenders that the country has to offer. The prisoners will recognize his mental state instantly, know that he’s in for a simple arson that resulted in damage, and they’ll OWN him. I doubt he’ll be out on his first chances of parole, his mental state will diminish by then. If he’s lucky he’ll be separated from the general prison population due to his mental state.

      Not only is 10 years in a Federal Penitentiary a bad and/or great sentence, a joke, an adequate sentence or whatever you call it, our tax dollars would be better spent if he went into a mental facility or prison. He was charged under a federal indictment, the sentence would be even lighter if it wasn’t a federal crime. I can’t believe how our Justice system gets so many things wrong on so many different levels.

      It’s a shame, who knows, he may actually be a good kid if he was able to get the help he needed originally.

      1. Codi says:

        I totally agree with you. Instead of helping him out, we’re going to make this
        Piggee much worse than he already is. There will be a lot of violent offenders
        in federal prison, but then hopefully he will be kept segregated due to his
        vulnerablity, if the federal Bureau of Prisons are smart enough to realize that.
        Otherwise, he’s going to be toast, I mean he’ll probably get raped and beaten
        and so on. Oh yes, you can get more these days for stealing pizza than for
        killing a 4 year old. There’s definitely something wrong there. I didn’t know
        a pizza was worth more than a toddler’s life. As much damage this Piggee
        might have caused by arson, he didn’t kill anyone or injure anyone in this,
        so I kind of feel sorry for him. I have a developmental disablity (Autism) and
        while I would never think about setting a mall on fire, I understand other
        people easier than most adults do. The guy had a mental illness and no one
        really cared about him, that’s what is terrible. And yes, he could have been
        a good kid if he was able to get the help he needed. I’m 34 years old and
        I’m a really good kid. I behave like a 4 1/2 – 5 year old emotionally and socially
        but I have never run afoul of the law, and I have never hurt anything more
        than a spider. Preschoolers enjoy me (I volunteer my time at Preschooler
        Storytime at one of my local libraries) and I care about children very
        deeply. 23 years ago this Piggee was a baby Piggee. Obviously his mom
        cared about him then. I have lots of things in my room that are older than
        this kid.

        Codi from the Bay Area, CA

  5. mtlassen1992 says:

    Whats it cost we taxpayers per year per inmate? Hasn’t he cost us enough? He is, and always will be, a waste of space, a waste of good oxygen, a leach to all of us. Kill him!

    1. Codi says:

      If he was YOUR son, you’d never say that. And according to you, then since
      he costs taxpayers money, then everyone that costs taxpayers money should
      be killed, right?? Assumedly, this includes everyone in Social Security (elderly,
      disabled, etc), welfare recipients, children (since children don’t pay taxes),
      college students, etc. Be careful about what you preach. You probably fit
      into one of these groups yourself. You’re sounding like Adolf Hilter and
      the Nazis. Must we continue with horrible trend of thought?? Hitler believed
      in killing disabled people too, after all. And that would include myself since
      I have Autism. And probably a lot of people writing on this board.

      According to your theory, anyone who doesn’t contribute to paying taxes
      ought to get killed. Or at least, that’s what you imply. Idiot.


  6. Liermann126 says:

    Let’s be fair – at least he plead guilty and saved us the cost of a trial, that would have likely been a circus. 10 years in a Federal Prison and a lasting record will provide to make living the rest of his life out comfortably, impossible. He will struggle to get a job, he will struggle to get out from under what he did and frankly, that’s likely punishment enough. I’m not condoning what he did, but, he’s at least taking a step in the right direction by saving us the cost of a trial.

  7. Justice System says:

    I bet that if it was your son/daughter or some other family member you wouldn’t be so quick to say “burn his ass” or “kill him”. Thats just plain ignorance. Why? because you couldn’t go shopping at the mall for a few weeks.

  8. Codi says:

    “This Little Piggee went to the market, this little piggee stayed home, this little
    piggie had roast beef, this little piggee had none, and this little Piggee went
    wee wee wee right to the US Penitentiary”

    Although, all in all, I don’t think that this poor guy deserves 10 years in federal
    prison. After all, all he did was set fire to the mall. No one got killed or injured
    in this. You can kill someone and get 6 years in prison, but you set a fire to
    a mall and get 10 years?? Also, there is no parole in the federal prison
    system, unlike state prisons, so he’ll probably do at least 8 years (time off
    for good behavior, yes; early parole, no). This guy needed mental help to
    be sure, and all the mental hospitals kicked him out. Great, I know he’ll be
    so much better once he gets out of prison….if you aren’t a criminal before
    you get to prison, you will be by the time you get out. I have more sympathy
    for this guy than I have for child killers that get out of prison in 6 years for
    killing a 3 year old. We had one in Oakland, not too long ago who killed
    a 25 year old mom and her 17 month old son after being paroled in 6 years
    for killing a 3 year old earlier. Now, I’m sure, all the judge will give him is
    a slap on the wrist, and “don’t do that anymore, little boy”. So much as for
    California – I’m moving to South Carolina!! And for the record, I’m against
    the death penalty, but murdering a 3 year old deserves way more than
    6 years. Seems you can get more for stealing a piece of pizza than for
    killing someone these days. I didn’t know a pizza was worth more than
    a 3 year old’s life. What stupidity.

    – Codi from the Bay Area, California

  9. mtlassen1992 says:

    Did you lose your job at the mall? I rarely shop at the mall. I hope the little freak has many boyfriends in prison, and gets a knife there. How’s that for ignorance?!

    1. You need Jesus says:

      That was very ignorant! Mission accomplished.

  10. sactobabe says:

    Prison is pretty good these days, you have free medical, food, clothing….how bad can it be?

    If prison was made to be a punishment then just MAYBE people would think twice about an action that MAYBE could put them in there. Geez, Charlie Manson is living pretty good compared to many of the unemployed people in America and I am sure if he has a tooth ache he can see a dentist without a single question about a deductable or having to prequalify for a payment plan.

    The time in prison means nothing, it is just a number.

  11. mr. harper says:

    i still don’t know why this is a Federal case. He probably needs to be under psychiatric observation for 10 years, but i don’t see where Federal prison is doing anybody any good in this case. you don’t get 10 years for selling drugs, embezzling millions, or killing unarmed civilians at transit stations…but burn down a place where Americans run up their personal debt….

  12. Dan says:

    10 years is plenty. Obviously the kid is sick and hopefully the 10 years in prison is what it is there for, to attempt to rehabilitate him. I don’t agree with what he did but I don’t agree with the judicial system and sentencing guidelines anyways when you see child molesters out in a shorter period of time. He didn’t kill anyone although he put a lot of families livelihoods in jeopardy being out of work.

  13. kimijae says:

    The sentence is too harsh because it factored in how much damage was done. There is no doubt that he committed arson and should go to prison. But, the amount of damage is so excessive because someone turned off the sprinklers. He was trying to get attention, not cause 50 mil in damage. I’m not making excuses for him, just saying that the extent of damage would have been minimal if the “turn off sprinklers” order hadn’t been given. Did we ever find out who made that decision? I lost track after about two weeks of conflicting stories.

  14. roy church says:

    his last name is pronounced PIG-ee, not pee-JZAY. the stupid english majors on television are always trying to french-ify everything. this is america, not france. idiots.

  15. TRUTH BE TOLD NOW says:

    DON’T BE FOOLED PEOPLE. THE REAL & ABSOLUTE TRUTH IS AND I MIGHT BE HUNTED DOWN FOR THIS. The city of Roseville DA, city manager, former chief of police and the others. Well they wanted Piggee to plead guilty so they won’t be on the hot seat. If Piggee plead innocence the real truth will come out and those top officials involved would lose their jobs. Why do we all of a sudden have a new chief of police in Roseville. Why hand it over to Federal prosecution, so they wont find out that someone & others turned off the sprinklers that led to $50million in damages. If they were on it would have cost a mere $100K in damages total. How do I know bc I know the men behind the curtains who really run the show and our government.

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