SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Natomas Unified School District officials voted Wednesday to ask employees to take a 14 percent pay cut to prevent the district from running out of money next year.

Officials have been forced to confront difficult choices to cut $10 million from the district’s budget by next year, or face a state takeover when the funds are projected to run dry in February 2012.

The district board will ask employees to take the 14 percent cut over the next two school years.

Natomas Unified has already laid off 300 employees, and another 56 will receive pink slips Friday. Schools have also already increased class sizes, cut sports and other extracurricular activities.

More sports programs, especially for charter schools, could also be on the chopping block and special education programs could face higher costs as part of the new budget balancing measures.

Comments (2)
  1. Kara Morris-Chase says:

    How is this the teachers problem? You do understand they have families too. They have continued to give back every year! They no longer can,They are also straining to keep a roof over their heads too Look just admit it. We have no support finacially from taxes. They won. So it’s down to teaching the basic. No yearbook, football, soccer, gold, swimming, cheer, baseball,drams, music non of it. If we can’t ORDER those wealthy of us to pay more in taxes it’s over. 42 kids in a classroom for high school and 32-36 K -thru 8th grade.It’s up to you parents to stop raising hell at the capitol.It would be nice for a change to see new faces. We are there trying to fight for your kids education and I never ever see parents., So maybe if you want this you will stand-up and start fighting!

  2. Monica Tristan says:

    I think that it’s ridiculous and unnecessary for the budget cuts in schools and to have the teachers take an additional 14 percent off is bad because 1st of all teachers don’t make enough in the 1st place. How will they support their families on a low income? I also think Teachers are very important in our society because without them how will students learn. If anything they should do cuts in jails and limit them to money instead of schools because schools are more important than convicts.