By Laura Cole

DAVIS, Calif. (CBS13) — Student athletes who were sidelined when four sports programs fell victim to budget cuts are raising allegations of financial mismanagement and threatening a lawsuit.

The UC Davis Office of the President says an independent investigation cleared administrators of any wrongdoing in the process that led to the end of men’s swimming and diving, wrestling, indoor track and field, and women’s rowing at the end of the last academic year. Many of the student athletes who filed a grievance against the school for the decision rejected the conclusions.

Zach Hansen, a former swimmer in the UC Davis program, said school leaders are out of touch and said the decision to cut the sports was made in secret, “violating many of our own procedures.”

“They did it behind closed doors, and the people who were supposed to be involved were kept out,” Hansen said.

He said some students are now considering a lawsuit against the university on the grounds that student funds aren’t being handled properly.

Hansen cited the $4,000 price tag on the new office furniture and carpet for the school’s associate athletics director and senior women’s administrator as an example. UC Davis officials say the director changed offices to handle new responsibilities and called the cost typical for an annual renovation.

“There’s new carpet, there’s new furniture, they threw out the old carpet and old furniture the previous person used for several years,” Hansen said. “Apparently he didn’t have a problem with it.”

Some students said they are concerned that more budget cuts for next year could put more athletic programs on the chopping block again.

School officials won’t know how much they have to cut from their budget until state lawmakers pass a budget for the coming year.

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  1. Matador85 says:

    What is the value of the Aggie women’s basketball team being a part of the NCAA Div. I Tournament facing the #2 team in the country Stanford which should be on ESPN? Media exposure plus the money share out of the tournament helps all on campus. Not everybody knows that UCD has one of the best programs in the country for horses. Even better than the Univ. of Kentucky. Sports = unpaid publicity.

  2. John McAlexander says:

    I know the underwater chess players are totally devastated that their funds have been cut – why not cut American History instead – no wait a minute that has been gone since the 60 – how about California History – no that was cut because it was too racist – you get the picture.

    1. Larry B Wittenborn says:

      we used to be a nation of ( we earn our way) now we are a nations of( i will sue you) we don’t need more bronze running our country we need more brains

  3. sheilaL says:


    1. Kate says:

      sheilaL, seriously? You really are a loser. Will you tell your daughter one day that she’s not as good as a man? Your logic is incorrect and you have no proof. You should be ashamed of yourself.

      1. Marty says:

        Kate, he speaks the truth. Although there are a few exceptions, like tennis and volleyball, womens sports at all levels, are a money loser. Don’t get mad, just know the truth.

    2. Anna says:

      Almost all sports are money losers at universities. At most universities, football and/or basketball programs are the only ones that bring in revenue.

      1. aj says:

        Until they spend a very large portion of that “revenue” on marketing, admin salaries and new stadiums that weren’t needed yet

  4. Mark Vecchiarelli says: is helping schools and univerities to raise funds for sports, arts, clubs and academics using a web based fundraising tool. We are NCAA compliant – case # 949504. Have your adminstrator sign up – it’s free. San Benito HS has signed up, Foothill/DeAnza has committed, Harker has committed, the San Jose Diocese is reviewing. Contact us, we can help:

  5. Marty says:

    Mens sports are expendable, because they are men. But these wimpy college students will vote democrat because they think they are saving the planet or something.

  6. Elbee says:

    Any activity that does not bring a return on investment should not exist. Let all such activities be intramural, or let those who desire to participate pay for them. Certainly there are alumni who could sponsor scholarships.
    The only reason some female activities, in particular, exist is because the national government decreed this unfunded mandate.

    1. aj says:

      I’m not against this, as its already the case for most swimming and diving teams.

      400lb guys aren’t “athletes” as much as the NFL tries to convince me.

  7. GD from VA says:

    I don’t understand America today. We have states poised on the brink of bankruptcy and students are suing because a university can’t afford their sports program. That makes a lot of sense! Take a university that has to make cuts to meet the reality of their current financial situation and make them spend thousands (or millions) of dollars responding to lawsuits filed by “students” who feel entitled to something more than an education.

  8. Ron says:

    Poor little panty waist students who are used to getting everything they want without putting anything into it (not being taxpayers). Why don’t these free loaders go out and get a job and then they will understand why the taxpayers are mad as heck over being taxed to much to pay for these panty waist college programs.

    1. aj says:

      you know its spelled waste right?

      I guess I see why you’re so mad about people having secondary education…

  9. SR says:

    Especially students who are freeloading…”student” athletes get the best of everything at the cost of nothing. Of course they will be our future used car salesmen, so perhaps we should be kind.

  10. John Galt says:

    If the administration would cut back size, pensions, and pay, perhaps sports would stand a chance. Too many people on the take and not enough going into the cause. This is probably more educational (real world stuff) than they will ever learn from a liberal professor. Good Luck California, you are going to need it after that last election!

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