By Mike Luery

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Governor Jerry Brown say time is running out for a budget deal at the Capitol. He’s looking for ways to help balance the budget before the June 15th constitutional deadline. The governor needs just four Republicans to support his tax extension measure on the ballot this June. But if that doesn’t work, there’s talk of a taking a tax hike directly to the people in November, by gathering at least half a million signatures via petition.

I asked the governor to explain his plan today at the Capitol: “If you move forward on this tax initiative for November, how do you sell that to the people?”

Governor Brown responded, “We’re not at any point of decision as of yet.”

The governor then added, “I’m negotiating in good faith, as recently as this morning with a number of Republicans and I remain hopeful that the Republicans will join with the Democrats and let the people vote on their future. Time is running out definitely.”

“Is there the possibility of an all cuts budget?” I asked the governor.

“That’s always a possibility,” Brown stated. “In fact,” he added, “that’s a real possibility if we don’t get the opposite which is the vote of the people. And if they vote no, we get an all cuts budget.”

An all cuts budget would mean roughly $12 billion in new program cuts and other solutions – on top of the $14 billion the legislature trimmed last week to offset California’s $26.6 billion deficit.

If Governor Brown opts for a November vote on taxes, he’ll need money to get at least half a million signatures to qualify the measure for the ballot. But Brown has about $4 million in the bank, according to campaign records on the Secretary of State’s Web site.

The three sticking points for a deal remain pension reform, a spending cap and regulatory relief, which mean relaxing some of California’s stringent environmental laws. Those three issues are causing plenty of friction at the Capitol.

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  1. hughes says:

    Hey Jerry I want to hear you talk about pension and benefit reform for your state workers!!!! The taxpayer cannot afford their perks (your perks too) anymore!!

    1. R. Alvarez says:

      I am not voting for additional taxes. Enough is enough.

  2. Rick says:

    Hey Jerry I want you to talk about benefits to illegal aliens. Time to stop spending billions on educating, medicating and incarcerating illegal alien Mexican Nationals. Time for E-Verify and mass deportation!

    1. Fred says:

      Hey Rick. Jerry Brown did not put us in that situation. Our past republican governors did. Why don’t you get real and check things out. I can tell you
      play the blame game. Get on track.

    2. 1964 says:

      The illegals need to go. Follow Arizona’s lead on this.

  3. Fred says:

    Hey JB – how about a plan to get to a balanced budget in 5 years when the so-called tempory tax hike would be set to expire. And I don’t want to hear about “Hoping” the economy recovers enough to get the budget balanced. Hope is not a plan. Stop whining about how the schools will suffer and deal with the real issues like:
    – why it costs on average $50k per year per prisoner in state facilities,
    – why there are scores of Boards and Commissions (the Asparagus Commission is one of my favorites),
    – why over 30% of welfare recipients live in California,
    – why the state has spent in excess of a billion $ on judicial computer systems that don’t work,
    – why it’s reasonable for state employees to retire at 90% of salary and full medical coverage.

    But, of course we know the answer why – to do so you would have to step on the toes of the unions that own you.

    1. Fred says:

      Fred, I can see we have another blamer here. You must remember our governor has only been the governor since January. Sorry about the other guys. Hey come on they also negotiated with various unions. Sounds to me like you voted for poor old MEG !!! Get on board. The voters didn’t elect her. And don’t you thank it is about time we quite blaming Jerry Brown for everyone else s mistakes. Union or know unions, I don’t see what that has to do with were we are at. I do know we need to stand behind the only guy that has a plan. I don’t see any brainy ideas coming from the guys that signed that know voter approved pledge they signed. Game time is over. California is a big state and had many jobs years ago. When jobs go people need assistance. If they happen to go on welfare that is what they worked for. Sorry everyone is not like you. Maybe you have never been in a situation were you made a $100.000 a year or better and lost everything do to the economy. Republican past president as well as governator. We are not here because of Jerry Brown. We are here because of our actions and who we voted for in the past. Sorry maybe you have never been in a situation and had to ask for help, but I know many that have. These are good hard working people who lost out do to our economy. Many are not on the welfare rolls because they want to be, they are on them because they have to be.

      1. Fred says:

        Your grammer is a testament to the quality of our education system. JB is the boss now. He wanted it, and now it’s his responsibility. He knew what he was getting into. As to Arnie, he was better than Davis, but still a Dem in Rep clothing

  4. Fred says:

    If you are basing my grammar on what I am saying, it tells me you are looking for cheap shots. When people usually post comments they are frustrated and in a hurry, and are not looking for grammar they are just trying to make a statement.
    I guess I stated it well, if my grammar seemed to bother you. By the way I am
    an educator. I am a republican. I am very dissatisfied with the very people we
    voted in. They aren’t looking for the interest of the people. They must not have any idea’s as they use that old, I pledge thing up and say NO !! They don’t seek our opinions, our feedback, and only care about themselves. I am tired and frustrated about all of this. New taxed could work. Just try the math. I am also getting tired of the Republicans want this, and the Democrats want that. They need to see what ” We the people are willing to accept. Lets vote and see.
    Sorry about my grammar and spell check. I was and am making a statement as are you. Please just see that if something isn’t done. Things can get worse.
    If we are aloud to vote for this ourselves, we can’t blame anyone but ourselves.

  5. CorporateMediaIsADangerousCult says:

    While everyone squabbles about cuts and higher taxes.
    There’s no reporting about the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.
    How about some real journalism now?

  6. Codee14 says:

    Jerry Brown,
    No one is buying the BS when the State employees are getting 38 days off the first year on the job.

    I know that not everyone is getting all these benefits on their job. So fix the problem or hire Scott Walker…

    Why are you lying to Californian’s? We do not need to extend the tax hikes for education and first responders. We need to stop spending the tax’s payer’s money. As soon as your “Special Election” gets passed we will see more wasted spending.
    Bernie Madoff went to jail for 150 years for taking money and spending it anyway he wanted to. When he couldn’t pay it back he got caught. As soon as the State runs out of money they use the children and first responders as an excuse to extend taxes.
    Well Californians have now caught on to the politicians games and see where the money is going. So who is the first one going to jail? No one because the politicians hide behind each other.
    See below why Californian’s should never vote on extending this temporary tax hike for another 5 years.
    Caltrans $100,000 party in Palm Springs (I wasn’t even invited and it was my tax’s dollars paying for it)
    City of Bell $800,000 salaries and it took how long to find out? (The people stuck together in Bell and see what happen? Jail time for the corrupted politicians)
    Sacramento politician gives out $150,000 in raises last month and not one person could stop him. He said it was to retain the peoples so they wouldn’t go to the private sector. (How come the tax’s payers didn’t get to vote on this? Because we would have never let it happen)
    SAN DIEGO — While California works to solve a huge budget crisis, some state lawmakers have been handing out raises to the people who work for them. 10News learned that the largest pay increase went to the staff of one of San Diego’s elected officials.
    Assemblywoman Lori Saldana was generous to her staff this year, as she gave 20-percent raises to three of her employees and a 15-percent raise to her chief of staff.
    Eighty-seven people working for state assembly members received $430,000 in raises. Nine senate staffers received $152,000 in raises
    Assembly speaker cancels $551,000 in staff pay raises
    State Assembly Speaker Karen Bass (D-Los Angeles) has canceled $551,000 in staff pay raises.
    She said the raises, reported by The Times on Tuesday, have become a distraction from the campaign she is helping lead to pass six budget-related ballot measures in the May 19 special election.
    “I absolutely don’t want the people who oppose public education and who want to drown government in a bathtub to use this as some sort of club against the responsible, urgently needed ballot initiatives Californians will be voting on,” Bass said at a news conference this afternoon.
    The increases were awarded recently to 136 legislative staffers at a time when the state is in financial crisis and tens of thousands of other government employees have seen their salaries cut.
    How come the tax’s payers didn’t get to vote on this?

  7. R. Alvarez says:

    I agree with Codee 14! Enough is enough. I am not voting for any more taxes; whether it is republican proposal or a democratic one. I will not. There are many people unemployed and struggling to make it and you want to tax them more because teachers haven’t had a pay raise or other public service people like firemen and policemen. They live very well. Enough nonsense, Jerry.

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