SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Worried about possible layoffs, school principal Michele Miller spotted a potential solution in her own home.
The principal of Jackson Elementary in El Dorado Hills, a suburb east of Sacramento, decided to part with most of a shoe collection gathered over the past 15 years.

She is selling 285 pairs — which fill a room in her apartment — to help close a district budget gap of up to $2.2 million. She’s asking for a donation of $1,000 a pair to save the jobs of 17 teachers, three vice principals, library technicians and others.

Volunteers are uploading photos of the size 7-7 1/2 high-tops, cowboy boots, leopard-print rain boots, sandals, platforms and high heels to a website, .

Even if they sell out, Miller will still have 65 pairs.

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Comments (30)
  1. Poisonivie says:

    Perhaps this principal should volunteer to take a pay cut if she can afford 285 pairs of shoes that take up a whole room in her apartment!

    1. jj says:

      what a bs comment. have you ever saved up for anything in your life? why shouldn’t someone else be able too?

    2. Holly Martin says:

      Have you shopped for shoes on E-bay? Even the really expensive looking ones can be found for ONLY $20.00 per pair. Perhaps she got really good at Ebay and Thrift Store finds. I don’t have much money and even I can afford Ebay shoes:) Let’s try not to judge Principal Miller, and let’s applaud her for looking into a creative solution to a very painful and unpreventable situation. Kudos to you, Principal Miller!

  2. Fabi says:

    Seriously poisonivie? Over the past 15 years! Can’t you read? Obviously she’s a fan of shoes, and they can’t have been easy to part with. I applaud her for her efforts, and I wish her the best. This is a very generous act, and if I weren’t a poor college student, I’d buy a pair myself. This is what our education system needs: community leaders that care.

  3. SDsc says:

    But lives within her means….lives in an “apartment.”

  4. Cindy says:

    I think this is far and above what is necessary and I hate shopping! Way to go!

  5. just say no to teachers says:

    nice twist to the story, …But I bet hers is one of the jobs on the line! as the Parent of a special needs child, I have no sympathy for teachers and principals who spend more time fighting for more money, then they ever have helping the students….I was even told one year, (Quote) they would really like to help my child more, but they needed more money to do that, and the way I could help to motivate the teachers, is to vote for proposition (XXX) and vote for higher salaries for our teachers!….I bet a boot in their ass would motivate them! …..Keep your shoes! take a pay cut!

    1. Virginia says:

      AGREED! Either pay cut, start contributing to your health care and pensions, or how about ending collective bargaining! How about getting rid of all the teachers that aren’t pulling their weight. I’m sooooo sick of these unions that make it so hard to get rid of bad teachers. Watch “Waiting for Superman” to see the truth about unions.

  6. Job Requirements says:

    Its great to see that she is selling 285 shoes.To save a Jobs you must do what you can.

  7. DeathtoUnions says:

    Wow. This just proves how over paid teachers are. 285 pairs of shoes that take up an entire room of her apartment? Sounds like hoarding to me. How about using some of that money to save for your own retirement rather then taking your pension payments from me. If teachers of CA were providing a good service to their students I can see supporting their efforts. However, CA receives top dollar per student and provides bottom results. I am tired of unions saying this is an attack on the “working people”. You know what. I work for a large corporation and I am a working person too. In fact, I do not go home at 3:30pm and have the summers off. I dream of the day the unions are gone and people are paid on merit and not what they want! As quoted from the great Ted Night from Caddy Shack, “The world needs ditch diggers too!”

    1. Virginia says:

      YES YES YES!!! I love reading comments like yours!! If anyone wants to see just how bad the unions have ruined or education system, watch “Waiting for Superman”, it’s a must see.

      As for her shoes, who cares!! It’s America, she can buy what she wants.

    2. TeachersRock!! says:

      I don’t know what teachers you know, but the teachers I know do not go home at 3:30, most don’t get home until 8pm or 9pm and they do not have summers off. They teach summer school, teach kids who are homebound and cannot attend school, or are going to school to keep up with required certifications for their states and counties. They spend their own money to provide their students and classrooms with needed supplies and books. So I would love to know where these teachers that you know of teach amd maybe my friends can go work there! My hats off to Principal Miller for doing what she can to save the jobs of her school staff!!

      1. Virginia says:

        No one denys that there are teaches like you described. But there are also ones that are NOT!! Those teachers most likely have tenure and can’t get fired. I’m sure you know what I’m talking about because you’re probably a teacher youself. Google “the rubber room” and learn about all those great teachers that are getting paid for doing nothing. Better yet, watch “Waiting for Superman”.

  8. Snarf says:

    I looked at her website…she sure has a lot of F-Me Pumps for an elementary school principal.

    1. Stringer says:

      Best comment made all month. LoL

    2. Rocko says:

      OMG, dude you simply stated what we are all thinking. LMAO

  9. Get Real says:

    All of you hating is ridiculous! For all you know, they could be gifts from her husband or boyfriends. And she lives in an apartment… doesn’t sound overpaid to me…being that she oversees the teachers raising your kids! Seriously grow a brain.

    1. DeathtoUnions says:

      They are from her pimp!

  10. Virginia says:

    What?? Now people have to sell off their personal items to help keep government employee’s employeed. Am I the only one that see’s a problem with this??? California needs to make some cuts somewhere to help keep these jobs. Federal, state, and local governments over most of the US need to make cuts.

  11. Disgruntled Teacher and Parent says:

    I am so tired of seeing comments about teachers being overpaid! I am a teacher with a MEd and JD (law degree!). I became a teacher because it was what I wanted to do and I am passionate about it, and certainly not for the money. I make a whopping $38,000 a year before taxes and bring home less than $2500 a month. Most of the teachers I work with only have a bachelors degree and they make about $40,000 a year after teaching for 25 years. Overpaid? Hardly! Schools could make cuts by getting rid of some of the “extra” staff. We have 2 assistant principals at our school, and many schools have more. They get paid twice as much as any teacher. We have literacy and math “coaches” who do nothing, and get about $60K a year. Get rid of these people who don’t actually do anything for the kids and save a few good teachers!

    1. Virginia says:

      They probably can’t get rid of them due to union rules and contracts, etc.. Most people realize that there are many great teachers out there, it’s those union regulations, etc. that make it bad for the good ones. Have you watched “Waiting for Superman”? I learned a lot about the system watching it and it’s very very sad. Do you know about the “rubber room” ? I agree, there is billions of $$$ in waste in the system, but the unions keep it that way.

      1. Disgruntled Teacher and Parent says:

        These positions are created by the district and the school board, and a few new ones appear each year to accommodate those who are “moving up.” It’s a form of social ladder climbing in our district, and it is a prime example of too much power in the hands of too few people. Many of the problems in our schools go beyond the unions. No one person/group can take the blame for our failing education system. Educating our children should be a shared responsibility among the school, family, and community.

    2. DeathtoUnions says:

      You can lie about pay anymore. All the numbers are public! As for teachers not leaving at 3:30pm Drive by any school at 4pm and it is like a ghost town. Their continue Ed is down during school hours and a subsitiute is teaching their class during that time. Stop lieing teacher unions. Stop lieing

      1. jl says:

        Teachers do not have to be in the building to do their work. They can work at their homes, in their town libraries, and so on. To assume that teachers are not working on creating lesson plans or grading papers just because they are not in the building is stupid. I’ve graded papers while sitting in the doctor’s office, while at my son’s sporting events, and while at my own home after my children were in bed.

  12. Robert Lamoureux says:

    Vagina, I mean virginia, I think you should find something else to do with your life. Please don’t teach though. I don’t want my children growing up with the values and beliefs that you speak of.

  13. ReDeathtoUnions says:

    What the hell are you talking about? Do you know how uneducated you sound? Anyone who spells LYING as LIEING has no room to b*tch. Seriously, what teacher should HAVE to stay until 4pm?! They get there at 7am you moron. From 7 until 3 that is an 8 hour day. I would like to see you put in an extra few over time hours that you’re not getting paid for. Keep typing though… makes you look bad.

  14. Martrice says:

    As for me I think giving her shoes up is a great thing! It’s good for us to share our blessing, it show’s gratitude! We should’nt store treasures on earth, but we should give to the ones thats not that fortunate!

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