COLFAX (CBS13) – The westbound lanes of Interstate 80 have re-opened after being shut down for nearly 24 hours due to treacherous driving conditions and continuing avalanche danger.

The westbound lanes opened just after noon on Friday after being closed since 2:00 p.m. on Thursday from Colfax to the Nevada State line when blizzard-like conditions forced Caltrans to shutdown the major roadway.

It’s unclear when the eastbound direction might open.

Thousands of motorists had to turn around or look for a place to spend the night.

Some people pulled over and spent the night in their cars.

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  1. Brian Wallace says:

    Watched KCRA this morning. The interviewer talked to a couple that were trying to get to Reno to celebrate the husband’s birthday. They had been sitting in Colfax for 12 hours, only 2 hours back to their home. Why in the world did they sit there for so long? Why not just go back home and wait? Now that’s “determination”.

    1. ed says:

      take the amtrack next time its still running

  2. J.J says:

    This is getting dumb. I’ve been waiting for my Fiance to get here via Greyhound and he had to spend the night in Salt Lake City, UT last night and now he has to stay in Reno, NV because of the I-80 closures. This is becoming ridiculous!

    1. You can do it! says:

      Snow shoes, cross country ski or snow mobile pick your favorite baby> the dedicated are the determined 🙂

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