ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — The city of Anaheim has effectively acknowledged its pursuit of the Sacramento Kings, revealing a financial plan to entice the NBA team to relocate to Honda Center with $75 million in bonds.

Anaheim Mayor Tom Tait didn’t mention the Kings by name Friday, but said the deal to be considered at a special City Council meeting Tuesday poses no financial risk to Anaheim taxpayers.

“As mayor, I look forward to joining my colleagues on Tuesday to consider these important agenda items,” Tait said in a statement released to news outlets. “As a basketball fan, I’m hoping that we will soon be cheering at that first tip-off at Anaheim’s own Honda Center.”

Kings owners Joe and Gavin Maloof have been in private discussions for several months on a move out of their aging Sacramento building formerly known as Arco Arena. They must file for relocation with the NBA by April 18.

The details of the potential deal are found in a staff report to the City Council posted on Anaheim’s website. A 103-page lease delineates the terms of a deal for an unidentified potential NBA tenant in the city-owned Honda Center, which is managed by a company controlled by billionaire Henry Samueli, the owner of the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks.

The proposed deal includes $25 million for Honda Center upgrades — likely to include a new locker room, a sports training area and a practice court — and $50 million in transition costs, likely including relocation fees charged by the NBA.

The bonds would be funded by private investors and repaid by arena revenue, according to the lease. Samueli, an avid basketball fan who has wanted an NBA team as a co-tenant for several years, is the financial muscle behind the bond arrangement.

The move still is far from a done deal. The Maloofs must get permission from a majority of the NBA’s other owners to make the move, which isn’t a sure thing — and they’ll have to pay their fellow owners for the privilege, including significant payments to the Lakers and Clippers, who share Staples Center 35 miles away.

The Lakers and Clippers haven’t commented publicly, but Lakers coach Phil Jackson criticized the move before his club faced the Clippers on Friday night.

“What other metropolitan area has three teams in it?” Jackson asked. “It’s ridiculous to put another franchise in this market. It just doesn’t make sense to do that.”

In the only similar sports arrangement, the New York City metropolitan area’s 19 million people support three NHL teams. The five-county Los Angeles area had nearly 18 million residents at the most recent count, and the Kings likely would attempt to expand their fan base out of Orange County into the San Diego area, which has no NBA team.

The Kings, who haven’t commented on the prospective move, already have moved well down the road to abandoning Sacramento, their home since 1985.

An attorney who has represented the Maloofs recently filed federal trademark registrations on four potential names for their well-traveled franchise, which apparently will revert to the Royals nickname used during its genesis in Rochester and Cincinnati.

That name is likely to be Anaheim Royals, because the City Council also plans to reaffirm its rule that any tenant uses Anaheim as its only geographic identifier. The city is determined to avoid the embarrassment of the local baseball team’s decision to rename itself the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim in 2005, sparking a four-year legal battle.

“One issue that is important to our community is that any new professional team sport our city’s name — and our name only,” Tait said. “Be assured that the city’s staff has addressed that issue very clearly.”

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  1. Elliott the Cat says:

    The Magoofs will put out for a new arena !

    What does that make them ?

  2. Elliott the Cat says:

    Magoofs are ARENA Prostitutes !

  3. Bird says:

    Good riddance!!!!!!

  4. Marty says:

    I posted this already on CBS2’s website.

    f the Kings move to Anaheim, the Clippers have to move to San Diego. The L.A. area cannot have three NBA teams. Not even New York has that many and NY is larger.

    It makes more sense for the Clippers to move to Anaheim. L.A. will always be Lakertown. It makes more sense to move a team that’s only 40 minutes away instead of 400 miles away.

    Besides, I’m more concerned about the economy of Sacramento. If the Kings leave, Sacramento will be the big losers. They lost more jobs than any city in the US last year. And more than 100 people work at ARCO. The loss of a major league franchise means that other big name events won’t come anymore. And the whole area developed around the Arena will go under.

    Listen up, Anaheim. If you want an NBA team, go after the Clippers. I actually like the sound of the name “Anaheim Clippers”. It just makes more sense. Also, it makes more sense to upgrade ARCO than it does to replace it out right. In 1996, Oracle Arena in Oakland, the Warriors home court was upgraded instead of building a new arena in San Francisco. The entire interior was removed and and new seating and other amenities were added, costing roughly $120 million and the Warriors moved back in 1997, while playing in San Jose during the renovations.

    The Kings could do the same. It would cost much less to renovate ARCO and play in Stockton or at SacState during the renovations then it would to move back to ARCO after renovations. In addition, the majority of NBA teams have to support a move and both the Lakers and Clippers would oppose it.

    1. MR HAHA says:

      lol mister marty !!!! u’ve been playing toooooooo much fantasy basketball !! lol this move is gonna happen !! and Anahiem IS NOT LOS ANGELES !!! as much as i care…send the lakers back to Minnesota and send the Wolves to San Diego !!

  5. rmcsticks says:

    Sacramento will be ok when the goof brothers leave, Sac has a great fan base but we exspect or teams to play and not make the news every week for some dumb reason…. Good bye kings !!! Are you still here ?

  6. Chris Webber says:

    The problems of Sacramernto these days to support a team (especially a winning team) is our metro area. The areas that has disposible income. In our economy, you take away Roseville, Folsom, Granite Bay, El Dorado Hills, The Pocket, and selected areas of Elk Grove and Gold River ( if there not in foreclosure)….what do you have? Being the 26th market, and a city that depends on Government and state taxes, it’s not that much to support a major team. Just Orange County alone puts us to shame. In the Bay Area I can name more than twice and a half the cities median income that have money to spend that can support a team in a metro area. You take away The Capital, Intel, and HP… this city is the size of Fairfield’s economy if you think about it. What we need is a pro team called the Sacramento Real Estates.

  7. Democrat says:

    Bye bye Kings, don’t let the door hit you where the good Lord split you.

  8. Marty says:

    Except L.A. doesn’t need three teams. If Phil Jackson is against, then it’s not a good idea. And if the Kings do leave, then I’ll start a movement to get the Clippers to move back to San Diego.

    Besides, 16 of the NBA’s 30 teams have to support a move. Both the Lakers and Clippers won’t allow it. It’s not set in stone.

    1. MR HAHA says:

      that old fart after the season is done is moving to Montana !!! what does he care !

  9. Joe says:

    If the Maloofs do move the Kings to Anaheim, I hope the people of Sacramento have enough brains to boycott all future events at Power Balance Arena as long as the Maloofs retain ownership of it. They shouldn’t get another dime of Sacramento money if they abandon this city.

  10. intheknow says:

    If the Maloofs leave then Sacramento needs to take over “The Arena” and up grade the place. But make sure they pay off their debt to the city. Otherwise the place will sit empty like a ghost. You can’t do anythings else with it like the original Arena
    witch was turned into a office building thanks to the State of California.
    I believe the Maloofs are pinched for cash because of loosing Las Vegas casinos.

  11. KCKCKKC says:

    Make sure they take Grant “Peaches” Napear with them!!!

    1. Elliott the Cat says:

      Home Run ! 100% Correct !

      Grant Napear sucks !

  12. Lindy says:

    That area would be great for the Sacramento Zoo.

  13. Greg Greening says:

    Good riddance!

  14. Ross Matthews says:

    How can a losing team go to a wining team over night?I think the NBA should look into this? Could it be game fixing? ANAHEIM said the only way they want the kings
    if they are a wining team????????????

  15. Thomas Camp says:

    The Maloofs have not made the kind of investment in the Kings Basketball Operations and Players that is necessary to be a winning team in the NBA. I’m not sure if this is due to their serious cash flow / debt problems with the Palms hotel or for other reasons. The Maloofs really wanted to move the Kings to Las Vegas, to compliment their hotel property. That is the fact. The league owners and the David Stern (NBA commissioner) said they could not relocate the team to Las Vegas due to the inherent conflict with the gambling industry. The Kings have had the lowest player payroll in the entire NBA for several seasons, it is currently only $40,000 above the league minimum. The Kings used to have a competitive basketball team that was exciting to watch and root for. That has not been the case for the past several seasons. You only have to look at the talented players that the Kings have traded away (Chris Webber, Mike Bibby, Kevin Martin, Ron Artest, Brad Miller) to lower the team payroll to see what the problem is – Lack of Talent. They do not have the talent needed to compete with the better teams in the league. Several informed people have said that the low payroll and poor team record over the last few seasons has been a deliberate effort by the Maloofs to make moving the team easier. I believe this is the case. The Maloofs will claim poor game attendance and the lack of corporate sponsorship, but they are entirely to blame for the poor product that they have put out on the court for the past several seasons. The Kings fans have not abandoned the team, the Maloofs have abandoned Sacramento and the Kings fans…

    1. Marty says:

      That’s what happened. The Maloofs gave up on the Kings and on Sacramento. It’s obvious they have no interest making the Kings a factor in the NBA again. The right thing for the Maloofs to do is to sell the team. Especially to someone who will keep the team in Sacramento.

      I think the Maloofs should sell the team to the people of Sacramento. The Green Bay Packers are owned by the citizen’s of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Sacramento has 4 1/2 times the population of Green Bay.

  16. MR HAHA says:

    booo whooo whuuuuu !!!! this move is gonna happen !!! Orange County does not want to be affiliated with LA county !!! period !!! end of story !!! as far as the Lakers and Clipper fans…they remain fans to each own ! what makes ya’ll think everyone in LA likes the Lakers ???? and Orange county does not want “left overs” from LA !!! so everyone……..swallow it !!

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