MILL VALLEY (CBS  SF) – The Marin Humane Society is investigating rumors that a dog died of alcohol and drug poisoning last week at an unsupervised teen party in Mill Valley, a Marin Humane Society spokeswoman said Friday.

The 15-year-old female pug might have drunk alcohol in her bowl and breathed marijuana smoke in a confined, unventilated area of a Tamalpais Valley residence on March 25, humane society spokeswoman Carrie Harrington said.

The mother of the family that lives at the home took the dog to a veterinarian after it died, and the veterinarian called the humane society, Harrington said.

Teachers at Tamalpais High School on Monday overheard students talking about the dog’s death, and a school administrator contacted the Marin County Sheriff’s Office, Harrington said.

The sheriff’s office also contacted the humane society, Harrington said.

The humane society is speaking to students who were at the party and is asking other witnesses to come forward, Harrington said.

A necropsy on the dog, named Coal, will be conducted outside the county, and the results should be available in a few weeks, Harrington said.

Harrington said the incident is a “great example of school administrators coming forward” so the Marin Humane Society can investigate the rumors.

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  1. SANDRA ALVES says:


    1. Agustin says:

      involutary man/doggie slaughter.
      these spoiled teens need a rude awakening…

  2. scopedope says:

    The teenagers who were involved should be made to perform 1 year voluntary work at the local Humane Society.

  3. DCchick says:

    Future murderers.

  4. Sheila Volek says:

    How pathetic….parents of that house SHOULD be prosecuted…..regardless of WHO they are

  5. WHAAAA!!! says:

    Just when I was waiting for his “Men In Black 3” cameo too!

    RIP Frank!!!

  6. Doggie treats gone bad says:

    This is what happens when all of a sudden you become famous! We’re gonna miss you Mushu….aka. Frank in Men In Black : (

  7. Da Neen says:

    It just shows the brilliance of teenagers who act in large groups.
    I hope the people who loved Coal are okay.
    I would be insane if someone gave my little terrier alcohol and drugs.
    That’s why I never had kids… dogs are easier to train.

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