SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — The doors are closed at a traveling free health clinic in Sacramento, but right now the long line is still there.

Hundreds and hundreds of people were turned away after volunteers treated all the patients they could today.

Day one at Cal Expo and the patient count was 1,050. The line outside began to form at 3 a.m. Patients were certainly grateful, but the medical professionals who volunteer are quite remarkable. Each one of the patients was treated like royalty — like they are paying full for the cleaning, or filling or extraction.

“For the doctors it’s their time. The patients need service that has been put off for too long,” said a dental surgeon. “Not everybody has the ability to pay full fee at an oral surgeon or dental office a lot of things get behind the 8 ball and we’re happy to help out.”

It’s quite a gift for Kim Cox.

“Every day there’s pain and problems,” said Kim.

Like many of the patients getting medical, vision or dental, her story is a sign of the times.

“I was hired full-time. They found out I had other issues and they reduced it down to part time with no benefits,” said Kim.

These doctors know what you give out in slices will come back in loaves…

“We’ve been blessed with a lot of good things in life and were happy to help out the community,” said a doctor.

Another service in high demand here at is vision. In fact, more than 500 people showed up this morning just for that. Many were given a priority number for a return tomorrow…

The reason why so many patients were turned away because there were not enough volunteers to do all the work.

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  1. Marty says:

    This is why we need universal health care in this country.

    Life is a right. There is no rule that says “If you can’t pay, you can’t live”. The Constitution does not say to be “Of the corporation, by the corporation, for the corporation.” That’s not how it should be.

    1. Krap Artist says:

      Marty… eloquently and simply put. Thank you 😉

    2. IHateFreeLoaders says:

      Nor does the Constitution say you have a right for Free HealthCare. It also says all “men” are created equal. Which means everyone is equally responsible to take care of themselves. Let’s see how long it takes for one of these FreeLoaders to sue one of the Doctors for $100,000,000. If you want socialized medicine goto Canada or Europe. If the Governement would get out of the pocket of Corporations and the Public we would have a more productive society. More Jobs and less costs.

  2. Patience says:

    I hope I can use this service, badly needed dental and vision.

    1. IHateFreeLoaders says:

      A Dental visit is no more then $100 for a cleaning and Vision at Costco is about $40. Stop being a FreeLoader and take responsibility for yourself. Your comment makes yousound like you are 12 years old. Mommy, my tooth hurts! What do I do?

      1. PJ says:

        To Ihatefreeloaders……get a life!! you are a true pathetic citizen or are you even a citizen.
        im no fee loader, but I know there are people out there that need things like this….Hubby just had 2 teeth pulled, very infected it was a $1400.00 procedure thank god he has dental our cost was $400.00 some have it and some don’t! so take your ugly comments somewhere else!!!!

      2. Kindness says:

        I’m soo tired of you being a BIG jerk. It’s not being a freeloader, if people had it they would pay for it. Have a heart, be considerate, if it were you or one of your family members you would want like it if someone was to help you our right.

      3. IHateFreeLoaders says:

        Pay for your own. I am glad all you Liberals here say everyone has right to live. So abortion should be illegal; right. You have a right to live, but it is your right to say alive. If our HealthCare is so bad, why is it the best in the world. Why are all the new drugs developed by US companies. You are all idiots. If it becomes free the care will suck just like Europe and Canada. Have you seen British guys teeth. Yea, great Denal there. Pay your own way and stop with the FreeLoading!

  3. Patience says:

    Thank yor for the very true statement.

  4. cathy says:

    i need dental and vision hope to make it down there myself. not sure if i’ll make but just wanted to say thanks to all the doctors that are helping everyone. your doing a very good deed for people you don’t even know’ lots love go’s out to all of you im sure! your all number one in my book!

    1. IHateFreeLoaders says:

      Goto the Dentist and to Costco for Vesion. Grow up and stop asking like you are 12 years old. Put down the pipe and be responsible for yourself.

  5. GRAPEVINE says:

    Yes let the government, just like the other things and talk about over run on cost, yes a toilet seat cost 5,000, and ashtray costing 400.00 yes and for all of those who want universal health care let it be you taxes that pay, I pay enough in taxes, then we should have universal houses, and then universal food, and universal cars, cloths and the list goes on, and then oh no a Communists country dictated by no less obama

    1. IHateFreeLoaders says:

      Well Said Grapevine. These people thing everything should be free. Nothing is free. I want. I want. I want. hey sound like spoiled brats to me.

  6. Hereticmonk says:

    This is your “universal health care” in action. Having to stand in line starting in the wee hours of the morning, before the sun even rises, for a hope your number will be called to see a doctor in the middle of a sports arena.

    1. Disgusted says:

      Yes, agreed Hereticmonk. Many times I have heard testimonies of people in countries that have government sponsored health care (like Canada) that said once government sponsored health care was available, the lines got long, really long. That is because they can now get just about anything taken care of for free. Why not stand in line if it’s free? They abuse the services because it’s free. I know several seniors doing the same thing here in America with Medicaid and Medicare because it’s free for them, even if they do not need to go. Is that what we really want? LINES! Hell No!

  7. cat says:

    Those that have should not feel superior to those who don’t . People don’t stand in line for hours because they can afford health care , that idea is stupid . It’s stupid to say if it’s free everyone will stand in line for hours . Come on people we are a lazy society who won’t do anything that we can pay to have someone do . So no if those people could afford health care they wouldn’t be standing in line duh .

  8. IHateFreeLoaders says:

    Sure. I watched the news story and see these FreeLoaders in the background with their iPhones and $100 Jeans and $50 Hats and $300 shoes. Don’t even get me started on the Gold chains. They can afford it. They just choose material items over things like HealthCare so Daddy Government (I mean Tax Payers) will payfor it. Cat needs to get a clue. Oh, and the Seniors there are probabally going to head out to Thunder Valley afterwards. People that are not responsible will have consequences.

  9. hsmith says:

    Just another testimony to how badly people need free or affordable healthcare. I am about to lose mine and cannot afford health insurance or to pay out of pocket. It is so scary and I hope I stay in good health. But as it goes, nothing has gone wrong while I have had health insurance all these yrs so I am afraid it will when I am taken off my insurance plan.

    1. IHateFreeLoaders says:

      How are you going to loose your HealthCare. Is it going to run away and hide in the woods? You are an idiot!!

  10. cat says:

    And what is it you do for a living Freloader I mean besides sitting on the internet harrassing people all day .

  11. Marty says:

    We are the only developed country in the world that has for a for profit health care system. Life is a right. It’s wrong that we can tell other people that they can’t live just because they don’t have the money. I bet all these people are so closed minded that they want Medicare and Social Security abolished because it helps the poor and helping others is a sign of weakness. We don’t want this country to be like it was in 1955.

    1. IHateFreeLoaders says:

      We have the best care in the world. The most aggressive drugs in the world. Why you ask? Because the free market and for profit system. Let me guess. If you had a job you would work hard and be the best you could be for free. No, you would be lazy and suck off the system just like Teachers and State Workers. If you have no desire to better yourself and work hard to better yourself this country will not provide for you. Move to Canada and Europe where everyone is treated the same. I want and most US citizens want a system where you can earn as much as possible. So there is a class war. The haves and the lazy stupid people. I am sure us haves will win.

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